The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2475


Everyone was taken aback.

I don’t know what Levi Garrison is talking about?

What does “Let the true spirit fly for a while” mean?

The most dumbfounded were the “gods”, and they couldn’t understand the meaning of Levi Garrison’s words.

“Boom!” In the

next second, there was a sudden explosion from inside the body of the four-winged god facing Levi Garrison.

However, this is only the beginning…




The sound of continuous bombing came from his body.

More and more dense, more and more powerful, the power is getting bigger and bigger.

His chest, stomach, head, legs, and arms exploded one after another.

Burst from the inside out!

It’s different from Levi Garrison’s killing other gods just now!

It was exploded from the outside to the inside!

This time it exploded from inside to outside!

There was a scream of hysterics.

His body was torn apart by the explosion, and finally the battle armor also split and burst into pieces.


It was shocking!

Everyone watched the four-winged god be blown to death alive!

Was bombed…

what’s the matter?

What’s the matter?

Didn’t he just block this human’s attack?

Isn’t it immune?

How can this happen again?

How did they know that Levi Garrison used multiple vigorous methods.

Although Levi Garrison practiced this basic exercise wholeheartedly.

The small tricks that can be used before are still used in combination!

Isn’t this a surprise victory?


Everyone is stunned!

If this goes on, no one can stop it?

“Kill! Kill him for me! Let’s go together!”

More and more gods with four wings, even five wings and six wings, all went into battle to kill Levi Garrison.

This time they realized the power of Levi Garrison.

Must be killed!

Don’t give grandpa to grandpa by gourd baby one by one!

But let’s go together!

“The more you gods, the more excited I will be!”

Levi Garrison smiled.

He clamored early on that all their “gods” had gone together.

Now it’s finally here.

Levi Garrison hid and released himself.

Since the dark prison came back, all the opponents, including the gods of the sky, the dark gods and the like, have been solved with one punch.

It’s not interesting at all.

But now it’s different. A group of strong men offered Levi Garrison to come to fight.

He can let go!

From there to find this kind of opportunity?

But the result of Levi Garrison letting go was that these gods were miserable.




Their bodies exploded one after another!

Falling down one by one!

Originally, the number of their race was not many, just a few hundred.

In an instant, hundreds of gods fell under Levi Garrison’s fist.

Levi Garrison was going to kill the clan.

First of all, if they dare to kill Levilia, then they must kill Wuxian.

Secondly, the existence of this level is offended, and if it is not killed, it will become a major disaster in the future.

In summary, Levi Garrison must uproot this race and completely destroy it.

“Break it for me!!!”

Levi Garrison smashed a full punch to the “gods”! ! !

This punch is comparable to the punch he used to open the dark cage!

You must know that since he came out, no one has forced him to use this punch.

Now this punch comes.

“Boom…” This punch

blasted out, the mountains and rivers faded, the sun and the moon were dull, the universe was reversed, the stars shattered… the

most powerful punch!




The gods that stood in front of Levi Garrison’s presence shattered one by one, fell apart, and turned into powder on the spot!

Under the power of this punch, no matter what, nothing can be endured!

Touch the fist power, it is crushed!

Not to mention taking the punch head-on.

After Levi Garrison’s punch, the remaining gods almost all died.

Only ten of the most powerful are left!

But they were also impacted indirectly!

Three hundred and sixty-seven great gods were bombarded with a punch by Levi Garrison… The

audience was silent…

All were immersed in this ultimate punch!


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  1. what really kills me is you have so many ancient great masters and yet none of them can tell that this is Levi? Levilla knows her father, she will figure it out soon. Also, how is it no other master has master the art of hiding their skill? Levi can see how powerful a person is, he’s always been able to see, how is it no other great master can see it? Every one likes to brag how powerful they are, no one is as humble as Levi. Even his old apprentices, and now his wife. All powerful, yet they cannot tell that Levi is hiding his power….its really sad.

    Oh, and admin please update more….to exciting!!!

  2. John robinson Lago

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  3. I hate the fact that no one respects Levi

    At least, let his wife and kids know he is strong and respect him
    It’s so hurtful and stupid
    Mtcheew. This story is really sad
    I had the discredit
    It’s just too much, childish and it makes the next actions in the story more predictable
    If Levi wins a fight, we already know that he will be discredited and it really sucks!!!!!!!
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