The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2476


Regardless of Levilia and several masters, or the remaining ten “gods”.

Never seen such a strong punch!

This is a punch that destroys the world!

A punch that no god can resist!

Over three hundred “gods” so strong were turned into scum by Levi Garrison’s punch.

Who will believe it?

Randomly picked out a few masters who can hang Levilia!

These more than three hundred were blasted to death by Levi Garrison’s punch.

How strong is he then?

How strong is it?

In contrast, Levi Garrison is the god, right?

Instead, these “gods” are humans, even ants and reptiles.

Even human qualifications are not enough.

A dozen “gods” are still in shock.

This time they encountered an unprecedented catastrophe, the catastrophe of God!

“Who is he?”

This is what Levilia’s masters desperately want to know.

“The mask I’m wearing should be the dark god on the list of gods… He is still his mother’s master… Maybe it was his mother who asked him to come to rescue…”

Levilia said.

“Dark God? He is the number one in the gods list. How can he have such strength? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it when I killed him! I also heard that he has a relationship with the gods, at most it is almost the same as the gods? “

Yes, everything he just showed, it’s terrible! Even if the existence of the two-finger knocking off the sky sword is not his opponent!”

“But the Dark God has always been wearing a mask, who really is, no one knows… “

But there may be an answer later, maybe we will see the true face!”

Several ancestors analyzed.

… In the

field, more than ten ultimate gods have slowed down.

They stared at Levi Garrison tightly.

The least of them has eight wings, and the strongest ten wings.

Outrageously powerful.

Any one of them can use the head of a talented person like Tiance as a ball to kick it!

In terms of strength, they are indeed like gods above all living beings!

But Levi Garrison is stronger!

Levi Garrison is above them!

At this point, they unanimously chose to join forces to deal with Levi Garrison.

Just now Levi Garrison’s punch completely shocked them.

They had to put aside their noble dignity and supernatural power to jointly deal with Levi Garrison.

In fact, this is a great shame for them.

It won’t be washed away for a lifetime.

A group of gods were killed by a human to the point where they could not fight back, almost killing the clan.

This is the greatest shame!

Now their many great gods will join hands to deal with a human being.

It’s shame and shame!

But in order to keep the race from being destroyed, they can only join forces.

Let’s kill Levi Garrison first!

I’ll talk about it later!


kill, kill !” “He must die!” “Avenge

for them!”

“Our Protoss must not be destroyed!”

More than a dozen superpowers each displayed their abilities, and Levi Garrison’s pressure doubled in an instant.

This was the first time he felt pressure after coming out of the dark prison!

For the first time, I felt that I had to deal with it a little bit seriously… the

corners of his mouth were raised !

“Come on, it’s the last battle!”

Levi Garrison was excited.




…One after another

powerful attacks came.




… It

can hit Levi Garrison, just like hitting metal.

At this time everyone saw Levi Garrison’s whole body was golden.

There are still seven apertures blinking!

He became a golden man.

“Ah? It’s the magical skill that King Kong is not bad! The seventh floor!” The

female ancestor exclaimed.

“How can he not ruin the magic power of King Kong?”

everyone exclaimed.

They had a lot of knowledge and knew at a glance that Levi Garrison was using the magical power of King Kong.

In fact, Levi Garrison had long wanted to try how strong the King Kong is not bad at the eight or nine levels.

It’s just that no one has practiced, let him practice boxing.

Now this is a good opportunity to practice with these “gods”…


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