The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2478

More than a dozen gods tried their best to take out everything they could.

Even some of their artifacts were all taken out.

Vigorously impact the phantom before Levi Garrison’s presence!

“Boom!” The

second phantom broke!

“Boom!” The

third phantom broke!

“Boom!” The

sixth phantom broke!

But the seventh phantom stopped here.

Can’t move forward anymore.

Can’t break!

It can’t be broken!

All the divine powers of all the gods gathered together and blasted out, but it still couldn’t be broken!

The seventh phantom cannot be broken at all!

No matter how hard they tried, it was of no avail.

This is their supernatural power!

Levi Garrison smiled.

The result of his test appeared!

If you let these gods come to face him alone.

They can definitely break the eighth layer of the Immortal Diamond Body.

However, the nine phantoms on the ninth floor can break through at most two phantoms if one is concerned with personal ability.

Most of them can only break open a phantom!

Only with the combined power of a dozen of them can they break through the sixth phantom!


These “gods” are really damn strong!

But the body of King Kong is stronger!

This highest state, as a result, even this group of gods could not be defeated!

Who created this magical power of non-corruption of King Kong?

So strong? ? ?

If according to them, they are gods!

Then the eighth-level practitioners of King Kong Uncorrupted Divine Art are close to the gods.

The ninth level is god, even super god.

“Well, everything should be over!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.


Suddenly the seventh ghost burst out with unmatched power.

Sweep to more than ten gods.

“Boom!” The

eighth phantom also burst into power.

These gods are like papers, encountering these two powerful and terrifying waves.

Can’t hold it at all.

The body suffered heavy injuries one after another.


moment later.

There are more than ten gods lying on the ground…

They have lost their fighting power and are dying.

There is no way to recover, at least not in a short time.

Levi Garrison didn’t kill them directly.

Instead, he came to them and peeled off the god armor one by one.

The metal of this god armor is very interesting, can be turned into liquid, can be blended into flesh and blood, and can play an invisible effect.

Why is Levi Garrison willing to break such a good thing?

In fact, he was very distressed by the fact that there were so many broken pieces in front of him.

However, considering that he could not take it away alone, they broke them one by one.

Just leave ten pieces now.

Not only that.

Levi Garrison also took away all their artifacts and everything.

For example, bows and arrows that can brave the flames of the gods…

he may not be able to use them, but others can.

“Humans are humans! Cunning! Shameless! Robbers!” The

group of gods watched Levi Garrison snatch all their belongings, and yelled at them one by one.

“Bang bang bang…” But the

next moment, they exploded one by one.

The “god” here is, to be precise, a powerful race.

The same race as the ancient clan that I have been talking about was killed by Levi Garrison.

No one left!

After Levi Garrison collected everything, he was about to leave.

At this moment, Zoey and others arrived.

They felt the atmosphere of the war just now, and they were all frightened.

Seeing Levilia and the others, Zoey immediately rushed forward.

“Levilia, you scared mom to death…”

“Senior, you guys…”

Everyone started to check the situation of Levilia and several masters with concern.

It’s just that their eyes have been on Levi Garrison.

“Master, thank you! If it weren’t for you, Levilia and the others would be done!”

Zoey immediately knelt to the ground, thanking Levi Garrison.

Others also thanked the “dark god”.

But they don’t know what happened just now, or they would be shocked to death.

“Mother Levilia, do you really think this is the dark god? Is it really your master?”

Suddenly the grandfather asked aloud.


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