The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2479


Zoey’s face changed suddenly, and he looked at the female ancestor incredulously.

Others were also surprised.

This is the Dark God!

Who else could he be?

This is what they personally invited to the headquarters of the Bible Organization!

Not him, who can it be?

“Wo…Why did my ancestor say this?”

Zoey asked cautiously.

“Do you think the Dark God has such a great ability? Do you think your master can save us?” The

female ancestor asked again and again.


Zoey hesitated.


In terms of strength.

Levilia’s masters are not necessarily worse than the Dark God.

It’s even stronger.

But why did Levilia’s masters fail to do so, but the God of Darkness must come to save them?

The logic doesn’t make sense! ! !

Looking at the dark god not far away, Zoey felt strange.

As if this is not her master.

But she knelt down and invited it again!

Furthermore, if it weren’t for her master, if this was a false dark god, how could he have come to such a dangerous place for her.

They are not fools!

Thinking of this, the doubt is immediately dispelled!

As for strength, it is that everyone underestimates the strength of their master.

She is stronger than everyone thought!

That’s it!

Zoey looked at several old ancestors and said, “She is my master! I believe her!”

“Then have you seen the true face of the Dark God?” The

female ancestor asked another sharp question.

Zoey nodded, “I have seen the master take off the mask and saw her true face! This is what I believe in her!”

“Ah? Have you seen the true face of the Dark God?”

This time it is Levilia’s turn. Several of the masters were surprised.

If Zoey has never seen the face of the dark god, there are countless possibilities.

The dark god can be anyone.

But seeing it is different…

“Yes! She has seen my true face!”

The voice of the Dark God came not far away.

Whether it is the original dark god, or the present.

Zoey has seen his true colors.

“Since it’s okay, then I will leave first!”

All the “gods” here were slaughtered by him alone.

Levilia and the others will not be in danger anymore.

So Levi Garrison left first.

What else Levilia and the ancestors wanted to say, but Levi Garrison’s figure had disappeared.

They always feel abnormal.

Before coming here, they knew that Tiance had come out of the mountain.

And defeated the dark god!

If you want to say that, isn’t Tiance Shenshuai stronger?

But Tiance Shenshuai is their junior, and they have personally pointed it out.

They can predict that the future will definitely be a top-notch existence, but they will definitely not be able to slaughter the “gods” wantonly.

This is totally impossible!

There are too many doubts…

not to mention his own terrifying power, killing more than 300 “gods” with one punch.

The power of King Kong alone is not bad enough to stand alone in the world.

That is the ninth layer of King Kong is not bad magic!


Zoey wanted to thank Master in person, but Levi Garrison disappeared.

“Forget it, it’s the same when I go back to thank you!”

Zoey held Levilia tightly in his arms.

Others still look around.

They can still feel an extremely strong aura rushing around, and if they are not careful, they can strangle people.

Before this breath, everyone felt extremely small.

Everyone check the traces.

Obviously there has been a decisive battle here.

It’s just that there are too few traces.

What about the enemy?

There are no traces of the enemy…The

only thing left is a little bit of golden blood, and most of it has been absorbed by the earth.

“Dare to ask your ancestors, what has happened to you?”

Dragon Head God would not help asking.


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