The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2481

Levi Garrison looked up at Zoey, “Because Levilia is no longer in danger, why am I not coming back?”

“Well? How do you know that there is no danger?”

Zoey was taken aback.

“Because I save people!”

Levi Garrison said lightly.


Li and Zhao shouted in unison.

“That is obviously the Dark God, saved by Master Zoey! What does it have to do with you?”

Everyone immediately retorted.

Levi Garrison smiled. He looked at Zoey seriously and asked, “I really don’t think your former master has this ability, right?”


Zoey was in a daze.

Why does anyone ask this kind of question?

She really doubt the key ……

“Ye monarchs you pull it! God save Jun-Jun darkness, we saw the scene! There are a dime a relationship with you?”

Everyone with eyes to see the real .

How can you not believe what Levi Garrison said.

“Levilia come in! Don’t stand outside…”

Levi Garrison suddenly shouted.

Zoey looked at him in surprise.

It seems that Levi Garrison has a feeling of strategizing.

He looked relaxed and happy, as if everything was under his control.

Levilia ran in after hearing the sound.


Seeing Levi Garrison, she threw into her arms and cried nonstop.

Levi Garrison touched her head, “Little girl, it’s normal to encounter some difficulties! But you have to believe that Dad can be by your side at any time! Don’t be afraid!”

The crowd sneered, “It’s really shameless. ! If Levilia depended on you, he would have died today!”

“Obviously it was the Dark God who made the move, but he grabbed the credit!”

Originally, Zoey wanted to ask why Levi Garrison was here…

But Levilia was here , she didn’t continue to say NS.

Zoey and others gathered afterwards.

“I feel insignificant this time? Just a breath of others can crush us all! Even though we don’t know what happened to Levilia and the others, it’s outrageous!”

“Don’t look at what gods we are here. The top 100, the top ten of the gods’ list… The majesty is not good! In front of the real strong, you are not even a fart!”

“So we have to work hard, and it is not enough to look at the gods’ list! We must put our own merits. The method is so good! No matter what method, potion or other is used, it must be improved in a short time!”

Kirin ( Qilin ) said to everyone.

Everyone clenched their fists tightly.

They must practice their quick methods to the extreme.

This time they were stimulated.

Many of the extreme methods that they didn’t dare to use in the past, they have moved a little now and want to use them.

Improve your strength at all costs!

“It’s right to increase your strength quickly! It won’t happen, right? After all, the boss reminded before that all the exercises we practice are actually one! The end is backlash and destruction!”

Phoenix said cautiously.

“Don’t worry! It’s okay! You really believe what the boss said!”

“He is nonsense, without any basis! Don’t take it seriously!” the

others said immediately.

Phoenix continued, “But the boss asked Azure Dragon (Qinglong) to go to Kunlun Industry to analyze it. I think it might be the same thing…”

Just when everyone was arguing.

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) came forward and said, “This matter will stop here!”

“I will sacrifice alone! You can practice! I have been practicing the basic exercises given by the boss, and practice crazy day and night! As a result, have you also seen progress? Almost nothing! I’m about to fall out of the gods list! Hey!”

“In everything, we speak with the facts! This technique has no effect at all! Maybe a master who has practiced for decades and a hundred years can become a master! Can the current situation allow it?”

Everyone nodded. “Understand!”

Everyone was very moved.

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for Levi Garrison’s emotions.


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