The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2482

After staying with Levilia for a while.

Levilia described to Levi Garrison everything he encountered in it, “Dad, let me tell you that those gods are amazing! The weapons and so on on their bodies have special powers…” When

Levilia reminded Levi Garrison, Levi Garrison remembered that place. Possess abundant resources.

Such as Shenyan, Shenjia and other resources…

They are full of treasures, even blood.

As long as people drink it, it is estimated that they will gain endless power, and even awakening superpowers is not necessary.

It seems we have to go!

Such a good resource need not be used in vain!

If it’s late.

May be preempted by others.

the other side.

Maya Industries attaches great importance to this matter.

Especially for Levilia and several ancestors who were not injured.

“We have repeatedly confirmed that they were not injured at all! They don’t look like they were injured at all!”

The spies sent out by Maya Industry were batch after batch.

The results are the same.

Levilia and her masters were not injured at all!

“I found it! I found it!” At

this moment, an executive from Maya Industry hurried over.

“I found the dusty archives of the Lab of the Gods! About Forbidden Land No. 76!”

He carried a pile of yellowed archives.

“Although it is incomplete! But it probably records what is in the forbidden area No. 76…”

the senior said.

“It says in the file! There are some super powerful races in this world! For example, the ancient races and sects in the East, as well as the blood races in the West, and so on.

Many of the members including the Lab of the Gods are heterogeneous races! Not tolerated by the world! And there is a powerful race in Forbidden Land No. 76! They call themselves gods! It does have the same power as a god! There is only one dead end against them!

The Lab of the Gods calls this race the most powerful race in the world! none of them! “

Because of the existence of God, no one dared to break into the forbidden area on No. 76!” Even the Lab of the Gods! Can only give up the idea of ​​mining resources! Even if it contains the world’s top resources…”

“However, based on the information of encounters and fights, the Lab of the Gods decided to start the god-making plan! In order to create the existence of this race! That is God! “

But it ended in failure!” Only the destroyer succeeds! But it’s a far cry from these! “


reading the file, everyone gasped.

” Understood ! Everything is understood! If it weren’t for this incident, we wouldn’t have been able to investigate the forbidden area No. 76! “

The gods who don’t even dare to provoke the Lab of Gods, if other people encounter it, it will be a dead end!” “

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

“Then it shows a problem-the ancestors of Tiance Mansion did not meet these gods at all! If you meet them, it must be a dead end! Not to mention no injury at all! “

Good luck!” I didn’t even meet these gods! “

This is their unanimous idea. If you

encounter a god, you will die.

But their idea is also right.

Without Levi Garrison, there is a dead end.

” Right , I heard that they also invited the Dark God to find them! It means that the dark god has not encountered these gods either! “

Speaking of God of Darkness, I suddenly had an idea…”

A senior suddenly showed a sinister smile.

“What do you think?”

Everyone looked over.

“Aren’t we trying to get rid of the Dark God? This is an opportunity!”

“We forged a top-secret file on Forbidden Land No. 76 in the Lab of the Gods, which has the most abundant resources and all kinds of treasures! He was right! The Lab of the Gods is so interested,

he will definitely go!” “Plus he has been to Forbidden Land No. 76 before, and he has not encountered danger. Under this temptation, he will definitely go deep into Forbidden Land No. 76… To the god, he must die!”

“This move is a second, use the god of the forbidden area No. 76 to kill the dark god…”


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