The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2483

Although Maya Industry cooperates with the Dark God.

But it is also helpless.

All the time.

The dark god is still in their eyes and thorn in the flesh!

People who dream to get rid of!

On the surface of cooperation, in fact, secretly I have been thinking about how to get rid of him.

It’s just that the Dark God is too powerful, and they really don’t have much chance.

But suddenly No. 76 forbidden ground came out.

Let them find the archives and find out the great secret.

How can such a good opportunity be let go?

They want to kill someone with a knife!

Get rid of the dark god!

“Quickly, forge a fake file! We immediately contact the Dark God! Hope to lure him into the bait!”


Levi Garrison received a secret telegram from Maya Industrial’s senior executives.

Ask him to go to a narrative.

Levi Garrison happened to be going to Forbidden Land No. 76, so he agreed.

The two sides met somewhere in Western Continent.

After meeting.

The executives of Maya Industry were straightforward and told Levi Garrison of the fabricated matter.

And gave him the file.

Levi Garrison couldn’t help being taken aback when he got the top-secret files of the Lab of the Gods.

He reacted immediately.

He smiled.

These guys want to calculate themselves!

Want to kill someone with a knife?

Have to say that this file is really forged?

There is no trace of fraud!

Forbidden Land No. 76?

Does anyone know what’s inside better than himself?

Isn’t it dangerous at all?

“This place has always been listed as a forbidden place, but it is actually smoke bombs released by the Gods Lab! They do not want other people to enter…”

“Dark God as a partner, we don’t want to monopolize this resource, we want to talk to you Let’s share it together! What do you think?”

… the

Maya industrial executives looked hypocritical.

“But you need the God of Darkness to enter with our people to find the resources… It may need to go deeper…”

“You can’t say that there is no danger, there must be something in such a big place, so God of Darkness, if you go out, absolutely Foolproof…” It

just so happened that Levi Garrison was about to enter here.

He agreed.

It’s also a fun for yourself!

And a bunch of free coolies!

No need for nothing!

“Okay, I will enter with your people. After I find the resources, I want 70%!”

Knowing what they want, Levi Garrison specially cooperated with them in acting.

When the strategy succeeded, the senior leaders of Maya Industry all laughed.

Sure enough, the dark god was fooled.

What they take advantage of is poor information.

They know what’s in the forbidden area No. 76, others don’t know, including Levi Garrison.

Little did he know that Levi Garrison knew better than anyone in the world what was in Forbidden Land No. 76…

that group of gods were all killed.

Poor Maya Industries thought that only they knew what was inside.

Also borrowed the knife to kill people to deal with Levi Garrison.

“Then it’s not too late for the dark god! Let’s enter?”

Several Maya industrial leaders said Qiqi.

“Then do you want to be together?”

Levi Garrison asked deliberately.

“No…no need…we’re just a bunch of waste, it won’t work if you go! It will become a burden to you, let’s send some strong people to go with you!”

Finally, Maya Industry sent nearly tens of thousands of people to follow Ye King’s Landing enters together.

The good name is-mining resources.

Almost tens of thousands of people are cannon fodder, and they don’t even know what’s in the forbidden area No. 76.

They just went to die.

The main reason was to bring Levi Garrison into the depths and encounter the death of the gods.

Poor these people don’t even know.

Watching Levi Garrison enter the forbidden area No. 76, the executives of Maya Industry all smiled.

“This time the Dark God is not so lucky! The route I arranged for them covers almost the entire area of ​​No. 76, and they will definitely meet those gods!”

“The Dark God will definitely die! Hahaha, let’s wait for the good news. !”


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