The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2484

Anyone who knew about this in Maya Industry was waiting for the news of Levi Garrison’s death.

But how did they know that Forbidden Land No. 76 was the safest place.

none of them!

The “gods” inside have been cleaned up.

Seeing a group of coolies, Levi Garrison laughed.

He is more familiar with this place than anyone, including Levilia and several ancestors.

He entered here in a familiar way.

According to energy fluctuations, Levi Garrison found out where resources are everywhere.

Has a more terrifying energy resource than the Sun Stone.

A small stone contains energy that could destroy a small town.

Everyone was stunned.

It is a thousand times stronger than the energy contained in the Sun Stone.

This is unimaginable!

No wonder this race is so powerful, let alone their own strength.

Just weapons and equipment are built with these resources.

Thousands of times more than the outside world, even more!

This is the coercion of God!

After seeing these resources, everyone’s eyes are shining.

This is terrible…

so much stronger than the Sun Stone…

“Don’t worry, this is the beginning…”

Levi Garrison successively found resource locations everywhere.

Let this group of coolies mark and test.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Levi Garrison found one resource location after another…

and the senior Maya industrial leaders outside were anxiously waiting.

“It’s been an hour, haven’t you met yet?”

“Three hours!”

“Five hours!”

“Wait, I guess Levi Garrison hasn’t found the place of the gods. ! ” “

God is certainly there …… but for gods laboratory experience they can give up the resources of the land it? ” “

I guess these could be sleeping God! several fathers day government policy is not safe out yet? Description encounter them more difficult to! gods laboratory can then further explore and develop these areas was encountered! ” “

now monarchs never quite leaves, it is not deep enough! and movement is not big enough! Once large Large-scale exploration and mining, no surprises! Wait, they will meet!”

… the

Maya industrial high-level pacing waited back and forth.

As for the forbidden area No. 76, it was almost searched by Levi Garrison.

Search all places with energy resources.

“Fortunately there are you!”

Levi  was happy.

He also brought people, let the Underworld God bring tens of thousands of cronies to mine resources.

Obviously this place is too rich in resources, and this manpower is far from enough.

Fortunately, there are coolies from Maya Industries to help.

Just enough manpower…

Thank you Maya Industry!

Soon thousands of resource points were found one by one.

Levi Garrison also found the metal resources refined by their god armor.

I don’t know what kind of metal, but it is definitely harder than any metal outside, and it contains energy that destroys the earth.

No wonder this kind of metal is called a god armor!

This is comparable to the seventh or even the eighth layer of the King Kong is not bad magic.

It is by no means comparable to the special battle clothes of Kunlun Industry and the variants of Maya Industry.

Levi Garrison’s eyes suddenly became hot.

According to his expectation, the Lab of the Gods is also doing all kinds of tactics.

He must make preparations in advance to fight against the laboratory of the gods.

Now I don’t know how strong the enemy is.

Then he can only imagine that the enemy is stronger.

Therefore, these resources must be used.

Create pieces of invincible armor!

It will definitely come in handy when it comes to dealing with the Gods Lab.

Levi Garrison went to the place where he fought the gods step by step with everyone.

He wants to see if there is anything missing.

They came too quickly for plum dyeing that day.

Levi Garrison didn’t check many things carefully.

“Ah? Here???”

Levi Garrison was dumbfounded when he arrived.


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