The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2485

Because it has changed a lot! ! !

That day, the densely-vegetated places were all dead, all the exotic grasses were wilted, and the big trees’ leaves were all withered…

at least one kilometer in a radius turned into a barren land.

Even some vegetation has

turned black… as if this place has been radiated by toxins!

But it was still good at the beginning.

It didn’t happen anymore!


Levi Garrison immediately understood!

The blood in this race possesses terrible energy, after their blood falls to the ground.

These vegetation have been absorbed, but the energy in the blood is too domineering.

Far from being able to bear these vegetation.

They all “burned” to death.

So that it has become like this now…

“Huh? Why is there such golden blood…” The

Underworld God exclaimed.

Everyone found a drop of golden blood in some depressions or other places one after another.

In some places, blood still gathers together.

The blood is so distinct that it will not evaporate or penetrate the earth.

After a lap, there was a lot of blood.

That day, the gods who were crushed by Levi Garrison were afraid that only two-thirds of their blood disappeared.

The rest are around here.

“Collect it! Hurry up and collect all the blood! There may be underground, collect them all with an instrument!”

Levi Garrison said excitedly.

This is a good baby!

To be precise, these guys are all treasures!

It’s just that I was impulsive at the time, and it all burst.

Otherwise, there are more treasures that can be unearthed.

“Ah? Master, what do you want this blood for?” The

Underworld God asked in a puzzled way.

“You drink a drop and try!”

Levi Garrison waved his hand, and a pill of golden blood pierced into the mouth of Underworld God.

He swallowed it in one bite.

At first, Underworld God was puzzled, but soon, his face changed.

Become extremely red.

As if it was cooked.

He started to smoke all over his body!

There is a majestic and terrifying energy fluctuating in his body.

All the people around were forced to retreat.

Everyone looked at the Underworld God incredible.

His current aura alone is dozens of times stronger than before.

Is this the energy brought by a drop of blood?


Underworld God roared in pain.

He feels his body is about to explode!

He struggled frantically, and everything around him was destroyed.

Everyone started to hide!

He is crazy!

The breath is getting stronger and stronger!

“Try to fuse it!!!”

Levi Garrison’s voice rang in the ears of Underworld God.

The evil god immediately tried to fuse it.

After a while, Underworld God’s breath gradually weakened, and the whole person became quiet.

In the end, it returned to normal.

But he was already at least ten times stronger.

Now that the blood is completely integrated, the energy is used by himself.


, the Evil God might be similar to the Sword Evil God and his ilk… But this time, the Evil God was directly ranked in the top ten of the god list.

If the blood is completely integrated, it is estimated to be the top five!


too frightening!

This blood is far more terrifying than the most powerful medicine circulating outside.

Go straight to the sky in one step and transform one person into a strong one!

Knowing the power of this golden blood, everyone immediately began to work.

Collect it all drop by drop.

Search carefully again, for fear of missing any drop.

“Master, look at us…” The

evil spirits and the wind evil spirits also looked at Levi Garrison eagerly.

“Okay, one drop for each of you…”

Levi Garrison gave each of them one drop.

And teach them the method of integration.

The five quickly merged.

At this time, Levi Garrison had six more powerhouses who were comparable to the top ten of the gods.

It is also convenient to do things in the future.

“Other people can’t! Take blood directly, I’m afraid it will burst with energy! This blood is diluted, or it can be made into medicine!”

Levi Garrison glanced at other people.

“Huh? It’s not right…”


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