The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2486

 The Existence That Even Levi Garrison Feels Pressured

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At this moment, Levi Garrison noticed the strangeness around him.

There is a strong energy fluctuation not far away.

This energy was similar to the gods he had encountered.

And it’s stronger than the strongest one I met that day!

Is there really a god?

Didn’t kill him that day?

According to their metal wings, the maker of this energy wave must have at least twelve metal wings.

“So strong… so strong energy fluctuation…”

Everyone panicked when the earth was trembling.

Not only them, but also the high-ranking Maya industry who were observing outside were excited.

Found this huge energy fluctuation.

They are all excited.

“Come, here, finally here! They have met a god…”

“Levi Garrison, I still see how you escape this time?”

Now the senior leaders of Maya Industry are all in their spirits.

Everyone was so excited to death.

This side.

Levi Garrison also became cautious.

Step by step to the center of energy fluctuations.

After arriving, Levi Garrison could see clearly.

Not a god…

but a spar!

This spar actually contains super terrifying and invincible power!

Beyond all the gods that Levi Garrison killed that day…

this is…

Levi Garrison understood…

The race that was slaughtered by himself that day, after all

their bodies exploded, they all became nothing… But the energy in their bodies rarely gathered to form this crystal…

This is the terrible thing about this race.

Even if you die, your body is ruined.

Their energy will gather together.

too frightening!

Even Levi Garrison wondered, is this the way this race wants to reproduce the sky?

Let the energy gather together, sooner or later, through other people or creatures to reproduce their race?

At present, this crystal has almost absorbed…

Of course not all the energy has been collected, and a lot of it has been dissipated.

But if the energy contained in this crystal is placed on a “god”.

So at least it can be a battle with Levi Garrison, the ninth layer of the King Kong Unbreakable Divine Art.

It won’t be completely broken!

It may break the seventh phantom, or even the eighth phantom!

Levi Garrison stretched out his hand to grab it, and the crystal began to struggle fiercely, releasing unparalleled power to fight Levi Garrison.

“Boom…” The

entire forbidden area No. 76 was bombarded… as

if the end was coming.

The six Underworld Gods who are relatively close, even though they have just increased tenfold, or even more.

Can be before the bombardment of this level of energy.

All were beaten up!

One by one was seriously injured!

Only Levi  stayed on his face!


Levi Garrison felt the pressure for the first time.

Before so many gods did not put pressure on him.

But the energy in this crystal gave him a lot of pressure! ! !

Struggling for so long for the first time!

But the more it struggles, the more excited Levi Garrison becomes!


Finally, Levi Garrison exerted his force and squeezed hard.

This crystal is completely solidified.

Levi Garrison’s strength still needs to be stronger!

Suppress it!


too strong!

The evil gods really saw how powerful Levi Garrison was.

Today is the real shot.

It doesn’t count to kill the dark god that day!

They were too lucky to have made the decision to follow Levi Garrison.

“Okay, no problem!”

Levi Garrison wondered how to deal with this crystal next.

Fuse it yourself?

Will draw a powerful force!

But no need!

Levi Garrison doesn’t want to accept external forces, he can practice it himself!

To others?

Especially for Levilia?

No need!

Levilia is taking his own line now…

if external force is given, it will not be good for her to grow up.

Furthermore, she couldn’t bear the energy of the whole crystal.

Neither can other people!

What to do then?


Suddenly Levi Garrison thought of a good way.


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