The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2488

too strong!

Stronger than he expected!

The key is that this weapon has the characteristics of this metal!

It can be transformed into a liquid…

or it can be transformed into an invisible state, directly invisible!

Convenient to hide!

It’s so practical!

The only shortcoming is that the remaining one-fifth of the energy crystals cannot bear it!

Unable to play to the maximum power!


The remaining energy crystals are still useful!

It really doesn’t work!

Let Levilia build a weapon for them!

“What is the name of this sword? It was used to deal with the laboratory of the gods! That is the catastrophe of the gods! Then call it “the gods”!”

“The gods are out! Killing the gods is like slaughtering a dog!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

He really wants to try the power of this weapon now!

It’s a pity that there is no opponent!

The only opponent, those gods were all killed by himself.

No opponents are met here.

Let alone go outside!

It is estimated that under this sword, the gods of Tiance were killed on the spot!

“Hey! Loneliness! The loneliness of no opponent! There is no object to try the sword!” At

this time, Levi Garrison wanted to make the Lab of the Gods emerge quickly.

Bring more powerful opponents.

Let him practice sword, right?

Have pity on the child…

Underworld God and the others are nearby, listening to Levi Garrison’s words, they are about to vomit blood.

But what he said is to try!

There is really no opponent!

After the casting of the God Jie.

Already spent two days and one night!

Look at the flames in front of you!

Levi Garrison wanted to take it away!

But this flame took away by the roots, and only a part of it could be taken.

It’s fine too!

Next, Levi Garrison didn’t idle either, using metal resources to temper some weapons.

After going out, I will give it to my brothers and apprentices.

However, one-fifth of the crystals are still unused.

Regardless of the fact that there is only one-fifth of the crystal, if it is tempered into a weapon, Levi Garrison from the outside world can’t think of one that can use it.

The power is too domineering and too strong to activate him at all.

This is also the reason why Levi Garrison didn’t use one-fifth of the crystal to refine weapons as a gift from the king.

The Maya Industry outside thought it was crazy inside… It

was two days and one night, and no one came out.

This must have encountered God!

No one will stay alive.

As everyone knows, these people who went there have been mining resources in these two days and nights, they have been mining crazy!

Even the Underworld God and they mobilized many people from outside to enter.

In Maya Industry’s view, this is going to save people.

The distress signal from them!

So a large number of masters entered, let’s save people.

Otherwise, why do they enter desperately?

“Look! God of Darkness, they must have met God… now they are all dead…”

“God of darkness, don’t you want to divide it into seven or three? We don’t want it anymore, and give it all to you!”

“It shouldn’t be certain now? Let’s wait and see! Waiting for a week, I’m afraid that all will stay inside… …”

The senior officials of Maya Industry simply came to the gate of No. 76 Forbidden Land and waited.

I also waited when I went back.

Wait here too!

But the mood is different… I

can’t see anyone waiting here for a week.

They were sure that the Dark God was dead…

“It’s not enough, let’s send in some more mutant living dead to see the situation!”

Maya Industry sent thousands of mutant living dead in again.

All disappeared…

none of them came out.

They became more and more certain that the Dark God had encountered the God…

time passed by.

One week passed.

Still no one came out!

“Let’s go?”

“I feel a bit wrong, wait three more days!”

“Actually, we have already won! But why not wait another three days?” For

these three days, the senior leaders of Maya Industry were almost opening arty to celebrate the God of Darkness. die.

Three days later, the carnival really did not move.

Everyone is about to leave…


Suddenly, Fang made a huge sensation…


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