The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2489

Hear this movement.

The executives of Maya Industry stopped one after another.

Subconsciously turned his head and looked at the deep forest not far away…

“Boom…” The

movement behind him grew louder and louder.

The earth was shaking, and the stones on the ground were shaking up and down.

The deep forest in the back was also swaying with visible movement.

The movement of a major earthquake.

Everyone was shaken so badly!

“What is this…” The

first thought of the senior leaders of Maya Industry was that the god of Forbidden Land No. 76 came out?

For a while, everyone had the idea of ​​running away.

But each of his legs seemed to be built with lead, and they couldn’t run at all!

Can only look dumbfounded!

In the forest in front of him, a group of figures quickly appeared.

Overwhelming, densely packed, thousands of meters long teams appeared at once…

This is too shocking!

“Huh? Isn’t that our person?”

Someone from the Maya industry exclaimed in exclamation.

Everyone looked carefully and saw that the large number of people on the left were their cannon fodder!

All are alive!

None of them died.

On the contrary, none of the mutant living dead sent out came back!

Look at the right side, isn’t it the tens of thousands of people that the Bible organization went in for reinforcements some time ago?

Why did they come out alive?

Looking at the approximate number, they don’t seem to have fewer people at all!

Looking at the middle, there are tens of thousands of people that the Dark God brought in at the beginning.

It seems that there is no less…

what’s going on?

what happened?

Haven’t they already encountered God?

How come back all alive?


Some time ago, there was such a big noise, it was definitely the god inside.

No strong man in the outside world can make such a big noise.

They have been in there for ten days, it is impossible not to meet God…


What I saw before my eyes is fake!

No one can come out alive!

But everything I saw in front of me is the truth!

There is nothing to do if you don’t believe it.

Soon after, tens of thousands of people completely came out of the forest.

A piece of black crushed.

The team in the middle separates even more.

Several people came out.

The headed one is the Dark God!

He is alive!

He is still alive!

The leaders of Maya Industries are going crazy!

How can he live?

Isn’t it…

Didn’t you meet God?

But there is no reason!

How could the top-secret files in the Lab of the Gods be fake?

If there is no god in it!

How could the Lab of the Gods let go of this place?

Without God’s words, how could they start the God-making plan?


It’s too unreasonable!

What is wrong with that link?

The top-secret files in the Lab of the Gods are absolutely true…

What if the gods are really asleep?

Before they could think about it, Levi Garrison and his party had already arrived on the court.

“Oh! Knowing that we succeeded! Also specially opened arty to celebrate? The red wine is not bad…”

“But you guys are immoral. They started eating and drinking before we came…”

Levi Garrison and others After arriving, grab the wine on the table to drink.

Many people even started to mop up the rest of the food.

Seeing the high-levels of Maya Industry was frightened…

this, this…

are all alive?


Ye monarchs heavy pat on the shoulder and one of them laughed “Gods laboratory archives really true ah! Resources too rich! I decided this place in the future is mine! I will not give you a Chengdu!”

“For ah , The harvest is so great! I have never seen such a wealth of resources!”

Others also sighed.

Even the group of cannon fodder sent out by Maya Industry sighed, “This is better than all the resources used by the Gods Laboratory! I have never seen it! I’ve seen the world!”

The senior leaders of Maya Industry were silent collectively.

They no longer care about resource issues.

I can’t figure it out, why are people still alive…


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