The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2490

“In… Is there nothing in it?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

“No! There is nothing inside! We thought there was any danger, but there was nothing…”

The cannon fodder sent by Maya Industry also said one after another, “No! There is no danger!”

“These ten days are good. It’s safe, there is no danger at all! I don’t know why the Gods Laboratory didn’t mine?”

Everyone was puzzled.

“Okay, let’s leave first…”

Levi Garrison led the brigade and left with great strength.

He left this time to deploy the Bible organization and completely occupy this place.

For example, all kinds of large-scale machines for mining resources must be brought in, and the defense system must be installed.

The ten-day task this time is to determine all the areas where the resources are located, without missing one.

But none of the senior leaders of Maya Industry left…

they were still struggling with this issue.

Why is the dark god okay?

This is impossible!

It’s impossible!

But everyone said again…

“Do you think there really is no god… Or that the god of Forbidden Land No. 76 has left after so many years! Or the god is asleep and doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Otherwise, Levi  will come to them. It doesn’t make sense to not meet it! This is absolutely impossible!”

“Well, it’s probably not there anymore!”

Everyone was discussing.

“If this is the case, then it can’t be cheap, Dark God, how can such a wealth of resources be allowed to swallow him? There are many treasures in it…”

one person said.

“What do you mean?”

“We personally organize people to go inside and see… First, to solve the doubts in our hearts, and second, we need to get rich resources!”

Soon, the seniors of Maya Industry organized a team for curiosity. The team entered forbidden area No. 76.

They explored it cautiously…

“It’s too quiet, right? Let alone a god, even a bug can’t be seen!”

“In this case, doesn’t it mean that there is no god at all… No wonder they can find it.” Ten days…”

Everyone relaxed a lot.

Soon, they found a resource point marked by the Bible organization.

The resources are abundant and visible to the naked eye.

A small stone possesses such terrifying energy!

This makes everyone salivate… The

Dark God wants to be swallowed by one person, impossible!

Everyone keeps looking.

Discovered one after another marked resource points.

Everyone’s eyes are shining…

“There is no doubt! If these resources are all used by us, no one in the world will be our opponent! Our Maya industry will become the world’s largest power! There is no one! “

Everyone is going crazy.

Now they don’t want to cooperate with Levi Garrison.

Don’t say that 70% is given to Levi Garrison.

They don’t even want to give it 10%!


Must swallow it alone!

The only condition is to get rid of the dark god!

How to get rid of it?

This is a big problem!

“As far as we know, Daxia’s Heavenly Strategy Superintendent is the only existence that can defeat the Dark God! If we ask him to take action, there is still hope! Big deal, the resources here are allocated to him by 30%!”

“Well, this method is feasible. As long as you can get rid of Levi Garrison, it doesn’t matter if you spend some money! We will design and design again at that time! Let the world become the common enemy of the Dark God!”

“The Dark God must be eliminated at all costs, so that this place can belong to us forever… …” After

everyone discussed it, they continued to explore inside.

Soon after, they saw a figure far away.

“Huh? Dark God? Why is he here?”

Levi Garrison’s voice came at this time, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! Don’t you want to know why I didn’t die?”


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