The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2491

The language is not surprising and endless.

Everyone felt a little strange when Levi Garrison said this.

Something seems wrong.

They want to know why the dark god is not dead?

Could it be…

Before they could think about it, Levi Garrison smiled, “Are you always wondering why I didn’t die? Have you been wondering why I didn’t meet God?”

Everyone felt like they were about to explode when the words came out. NS.


He got it!

He even knew the things of God!


How did he know?

They haven’t shown the real top-secret files to God of Darkness.

That’s a fake…

“God… God how did you know… You can’t know… Did you overhear it?” The

seniors of Maya Industry asked tremblingly.

“Of course not! You asked me how I knew God? That’s because I met!”

Levi Garrison said lightly.

“Ah? Have you met? No…you unexpectedly met…Sure enough, the top-secret files of the Gods Lab are true! There are gods…”

the senior officials of Maya Industry exclaimed one after another.

No one doubts whether Levi Garrison’s words are true or false.

Because he can tell God, it means he really knows.

But another question emerged…

If Levi Garrison had encountered a god, how could he come out of the lake unscathed?

This is impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

No matter how strong the dark god is, how can he sweep the gods? He is human after all!

That’s a god!

According to the records of the Gods Laboratory!

Is the omnipotent god!

How can he live?

“Are you wondering, why did I meet God and come out alive?”

Levi Garrison saw the doubt in everyone’s mind.

“Yes, yes! Now that you have met a god! It’s impossible to live!”

Everyone nodded fiercely.

“That’s because I slaughtered all the gods!” The

words came out.

It was like the sky was rolling, and it was going to smash everyone into pieces.

It was shocking!


How can this be?

“In fact, the ancestors of Tiance Mansion met the gods before, and they were seriously injured! If I didn’t help them, they would definitely die!”

Levi Garrison smiled.

“No! They are not injured, we have repeatedly checked…”

Maya industrial executives were unwilling to believe everything in front of them.

“It’s still too young, drink some healing potion, will you recover soon? Does Tiance Mansion have no such foundation?”

Levi Garrison sneered.

“Ah? Did we get deceived?” The

executives of Maya Industry looked incredible.

“Yes, you have been deceived! You have been deceived! I knew you were going to kill me with the help of the God of Forbidden Land No. 76! But I just came back to mine resources, so I promised you…”

After listening to Levi Garrisonsuo Say.

One by one was struck by lightning.

It turned out to be under the control of Levi Garrison!

“Actually, I don’t have to hide from you, I just think it’s fun!”

“The god inside was killed by me a long time ago, I’m afraid of a hammer!!!”

Levi Garrison looked at the crowd as if he was looking at a group of prey.

“It was really killed by you…”

“I don’t believe it! How could it be that even the Lab of the Gods was regarded as a taboo god?”

“Yes, don’t believe it! You must be scaring us…”

Everyone They all have a look of disbelief.

“Then call them out! Doesn’t God exist?”

Levi Garrison said.


Everyone hesitated.

God exists!

But now the gods do not appear life and death.

Then it means that Levi Garrison was really beheaded…

“You are haggling. If you have any questions, go to Hades to ask!”

For these people, Levi Garrison didn’t leave any hands.

Kill all!

Don’t leave one!

Now they have little use value, and Levi Garrison can control the Maya industry by himself.

What do you use them for?


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