The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2493

Levi Garrison was immediately excited.

The whole person laughed.

Others can’t understand his joy at all!

I don’t know what he is smirking… in

order to try the sword!

Levi Garrison thought about all the people who should think… The

final decision was to go to Tiance Mansion, find the gods of Tiance and a large number of masters, and let them unite to block his own sword…

But that is not interesting, and it is a bit bullying!

But this is all right.

An ancient Garrison Clan appeared suddenly!

There is a strong like Ye Zhantian, just can use it to try the sword.

By the way, know how to know the background of the ancients…

God is good to me!

He even sent

someone up to try his sword… Looking at Levi Garrison smiling there, everyone looked at him strangely.

Why did Levi  come out during this time?

Be like a fool after coming back.

What happened?

What happened to him?

Keep giggling!

The key point everyone just said was “Kill the God” Ye Zhantian!

What everyone describes is how brutal and bloody!

Such a killer was about to come to him, and everyone couldn’t laugh.

Only Levi Garrison smiled like this…

can’t understand…

can’t figure it out at all!

“Ye Wudao has already given an ultimatum! Three days later, he will definitely come here! First, take the Levilia away and bring her to the ancient Garrison Clan for training! Formally include her in the ancient Garrison Clan!

Second, Ye Zhantian wants to deal with you, the boss, based on the family method of the ancient Garrison Clan! “

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) said.

This is the news that everyone has just received. The Garrison Clan is about to take Levi Garrison’s knife.

There is Ye Zhantian, the killing god, plus Ye Wudao’s master and several elders.

They can be said to be nothing. Fear of the Baolong

clan of Tiance Mansion, forcibly to take the monarch away. As for Levi Garrison to be dealt with by the family law of the ancient Garrison Clan, it is impossible to live. After

receiving the news, everyone gathered in Jiangbei. It

happened that Levi Garrison also came back.

Everyone’s expressions were extremely gloomy. But

who would have thought that Levi Garrison would laugh in excitement after listening. It

seemed as if he had heard a happy event.

This made everyone very confused. Everyone was

shocked and curious. Looking at him…

“Aren’t you afraid? “

Plum dye asked.

” What are they afraid? “

Levi Garrison was about to try their swords.

What’s so scary?

“This time is different!” We can keep you before! It can even save you! But this time the strong from the ancient Garrison Clan came, and I have seen them take action… at least at the level of my master Dark God or Tiance God Commander…”

“Especially who kills the god Ye Zhantian, he is even stronger. …I feel no one can match him! “

Their arrival has made the list of gods all messed up…At present, major organizations are discussing changing the list of gods!” There are too many such strong people, and the god list is not accurate at all…”

“Fight against them! We currently have no way…unless…Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan…”

Zoey analyzed.

Everyone agrees that Zoey’s analysis is correct!

No one can help a powerful enemy.

Regardless of what kind of gods they are all strong.

Encountering Ye Zhantian, the “killing god”, is just cannon fodder!

“Then what should I do now? Is there any way? If we try hard, we won’t be enough to watch it several times!”

“We can’t protect it at all ! We have to find a way…”

everyone said.

This time out of channels Jun-Jun “The only way! Now you tell me that my father flew to-day government policy! As long as we are not alone in day out government policy, war days leaves no way!”

“In any case my master and The gods and commanders must protect us! No

matter how courage the ancient Garrison Clan is, they would not dare to directly break into the important people of Tiance Mansion, right?” Zhan Tian dare not take this risk! Unless he is crazy…”


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