The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2494

As soon as Levilia said this, he immediately got everyone’s approval.

“Wonderful! Levilia’s method is great, isn’t it?”

“As long as you enter Tiance Mansion! Ye Zhantian wouldn’t dare to be ten daring!”

Everyone looked at Levilia in surprise.

All applauding for her!

“The only two uncomfortable points. First, you have to bow your head to Tiance Mansion. After all, people have to bow their heads under the eaves! If you are humble, Tiance Mansion will agree.

Second, it is estimated that you will have to stay in Tiance Mansion for a long, long time!”

“As long as Ye Zhantian doesn’t leave, you can’t leave Tiance Mansion! Forever! Unless you can improve your combat power to the point where you can defeat Ye Zhantian and fight against the ancient Garrison Clan…”

Levilia looked at Levi Garrison seriously. road.

Plums, who flew dye Road “on! Anyway, you have nothing to hide days of government policy, slowly raise your strength, when you retreat!”

“Right ah, retreat a few years, you’re the boss Return of the King pinnacle! With leaves The ancient clan settle the account!”

“Yes, Master, we trust you! Give you five years, and you can definitely challenge the ancient Garrison Clan!”

Everyone is always encouraging Levi Garrison.

Xuanyuan Qingya was among them.

She actually wanted Levi Garrison to stay in Tiance Mansion for a few years, away from Zoey.

She has a chance!

But let this one escape?

Is there a mistake?

Let him go to Tiance Mansion, is Tiance Mansion to protect him, or does he protect Tiance Mansion?

In the eyes of many people.

Levi Garrison will definitely agree.

According to everyone’s analysis, Levi Garrison still has a good impression of Xuanyuan Qingya.

Wouldn’t it be better to go to Tiance Mansion like this?

In addition, Tiance Shenshuai is more optimistic about Levi Garrison.

He will most likely agree.

But Levi Garrison shook his head and touched Levilia’s head and said, “Dad can’t go! Dad is not afraid. Why do you hide?”

“Not only I don’t hide, you don’t hide! You are here! I see who dares in this world Move you?”

To Levi Garrison’s domineering declaration.

Xuanyuan Qingya’s body trembled.

Levi Garrison’s image in her heart is super tall.

But to others, it is ridiculously naive!

Levi Garrison still wants to protect Levilia?

it is ridiculous!

You can’t enter a god list, but Ye Zhantian makes the god list chaotic as soon as he appears.

Let all agencies re-customize the existence of the god list…

completely incomparable!

“Levi Garrison, I found out, you are really awkward!”

” I’m not afraid of anything! But do you have the ability to solve it? Do you still want Levilia to suffer and suffer with you? Impossible!”

“If you don’t go to Tiance Mansion, Levilia must go! He can’t have an accident!”

“I don’t worry about Levilia falling into the hands of the ancient Garrison Clan! She can’t have an accident…”

“Levilia from this moment, you go to Tiance Mansion! Don’t worry about you. Dad, they are amazing…”

Zoey sneered.

Levilia helpless.

Only one person can go to Tiance Mansion.

But she would not give up Levi Garrison.

After she goes back, she asks the God-skilled Tiance and several masters to rescue him…

“Three days after Levi ‘s arrival, the ancient Garrison Clan came to the door! I hope you will be a little bearer at that time and face them instead of running away! Other people are involved…”

Zoey roared angrily.

She was afraid that Levi Garrison said so now.

At that time he turned and ran.

Throw everyone down and let these people

suffer for him… “Don’t worry! I won’t run! I’ll take care of the Garrison family’s affairs…”

Levi Garrison took the initiative.

Wait until everyone is gone.

Levi Garrison immediately found Xuanyuan Qingya.

“Hurry up and make sure for me, where are the Garrison family Ye Zhantian people?”

“I can’t wait to see him! I can’t wait for three days! Go now!”

“I want to try the sword with them… …”

Levi Garrison said excitedly.

This makes Xuanyuan Qingya very strange…

Why is Levi Garrison so impatient and excited? Can’t wait for a moment…


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