The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2496

The two young people are naturally Levi Garrison and Xuanyuan Qingya.

After searching for a long time, they finally determined Ye Zhantian’s route and ran into him.

At this moment, Levi Garrison took out a huge photo.

He took the photo and walked to Ye Zhantian’s face, carefully comparing it.

This directly made Ye Zhantian stunned!

“Well, that’s right! It’s you! Ye Zhantian! Can’t be wrong!” After

confirming that it was the person he was looking for, Levi Garrison tore off the photo.


Ye Zhantian was surprised.

No one has ever dared to do this in front of him…

Even in the ancient Garrison Clan, no one dared to do this to himself.

Even on the first day, Ye Wudao avoided himself from a distance…

never dared to speak within half a meter of himself.

But today this young man is unusual…

“Are you here to find me?”

Ye Zhantian asked tentatively.

“Yes! I’m looking for you! It’s hard to find this!”

Levi  said.

“What are you looking for me for? You were sent by

Ye Wudao?” Ye Zhantian thought there was something important to inform him.

Levi Garrison sneered, “Ye Wudao is a fart? I have something to do with you!”

“I played a sword recently! I want to find someone to try the sword! I heard that your kid is quite capable, so I came to you to practice. Sword!”


“Cough cough cough cough…”

Hearing what Levi Garrison said so calmly, he was directly shocked to Ye Zhantian.

Coughing non-stop!

Tears came out…

It’s hard to imagine that a peerless master would cough like this… It

‘s shocking!

too exaggerated!

Ye Zhantian never expected that one day he would become a tool man.

There is a Maotou boy who wants to use him to practice sword…

This is too unbelievable.

Things that have never happened before!

He was also unheard of!

He is very strong, but can this be a reason to practice sword?

What kind of sword do you have?

If you let others know, you will probably drop your chin!

Such a provocation to kill Shen Ye Zhantian!

Use him to practice swords? ? ?

Didn’t wake up?

Still dreaming?

Ye Zhantian’s body was trembling, but he couldn’t get angry even though he wanted to be angry.

I even wanted to laugh a little.

It has always been a murderous image in anyone’s mind.

Everyone must be afraid of him!

The Garrison family also kept him in a dark cage… After

coming to the world, he became even more unscrupulous.

No one can help him.

However, someone who provokes him…

“Who are you… Who are you? From the Tiance Mansion? Or from the Baolong clan?” According

to Ye Zhantian’s analysis, Levi Garrison should have a very background.

As soon as he checked, Xuanyuan Qingya who was next to him was from Tiance Mansion’s kung fu, and even had something to do with Tiance Superintendent.

But Levi Garrison couldn’t tell.

Therefore, he judged that Levi Garrison was from Tiance Mansion or Baolong clan.

Levi Garrison shook his head, “Neither! Just use you to practice

swords! What is it for? What do you do to investigate the account?” “Don’t worry! I’ll keep it up! Just try the sword with you! I will never kill you! Or seriously hurt you. Yes! I can guarantee this! My friend can also testify!”

Levi Garrison said seriously.

Xuanyuan Qingya next to her also nodded seriously, “I testify! He will never kill you or seriously hurt you!”



Ye Zhantian was amused .

This situation has never happened before!

An unprecedented first experience!

Someone promised not to kill him, hahaha…

Isn’t this a guarantee he gave to other people before?

Of course, this is after the opponent becomes his prey…

Doesn’t this mean that he is the prey in the eyes of others?

Is it someone’s tool toy?

That’s why they guarantee this?


The biggest provocation!

Now any words of Levi Garrison have become the sharpest weapon, violently provoking Ye Zhantian! “Very well, boy, you have become the first person I want to kill the most!”


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