The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2497

Ye Zhantian was completely angered!

With his murderous heart, no one can save Levi Garrison.

Not even the king of heaven, Lao Tzu!

“What are you talking about so much nonsense? Come on now! My sword is already hungry and thirsty!”

Levi Garrison couldn’t help it.

But his behavior provoke Ye Zhantian more and more.


“I will definitely kill you!!!” After

Ye Zhantian got angry, his momentum skyrocketed!

It’s as if Thor’s Hammer is about to crush the darkness…


too frightening!

Xuanyuan Qingya felt the terrifying pressure like the sky collapsed, and her body was trembling uncontrollably.

This is comparable to the aura of her father taking the supreme holy medicine!

Doesn’t that mean that Ye Zhantian is a bit better than his father…

even more than…

after all, the supreme holy medicine is terrible!

Ye Zhantian stabilized his father!

Levi Garrison also noticed that Ye Zhantian was better than Tiance God Commander…

it was comparable to the God of Forbidden Land No. 76…

and Levi Garrison could feel the energy fluctuations in his body.

He can become stronger with his fighting spirit and emotions!

It is the best candidate to try the sword!


Ye Zhantian struck down with a punch.

It was as if a Taishan mountain blasted Levi Garrison to pieces by a huge oppression.

The terrifying power and aura directly blocked Xuanyuan Qingya, unable to move…

If she had nothing but death to Shangye Zhantian.

Maybe you can’t even practice resistance.

This time I really knew Ye Zhantian’s power.

It is indeed the existence that changes the rules of the gods as soon as it appears!


Levi Garrison was excited.


Ye Zhantian smashed a sturdy punch, but was blocked by invisible power just before Levi  came.

He couldn’t move forward for half a minute anymore, and was blocked tightly.

Block it out of thin air?

There is no real object at all, how did it do it?

Just as Ye Zhantian was puzzled, fluctuations began to appear in front of him, like a stream of water, gradually showing up.

A long sword finally appeared!

Divine Tribulation has appeared!

It was this sword that blocked his punch!

The power of a punch just now encountered this sword, as if a mud cow entered the sea… it was

gone in an instant!


Suddenly the Divine Tribulation trembled, and the terrible power shook Ye Zhantian away!


Shen Jie began to tremble, roaring excitedly.

Levi Garrison was also very excited.

I finally found someone who could make do with the sword!

“Come on!”

Levi Garrison slashed out with a sword out of thin air!

Did not add any strength and skills.

It is completely God’s own power! “

” Presumptuous! ! ! “

Ye Zhantian also put away his contempt for Levi Garrison.

After the sword appeared, he knew it and was extraordinary.

This sword is terrifying.

His figure skyrocketed!

The momentum is like a dragon and a tiger, assaulting the sky!






Next is the boom!

I have to say that Ye Zhantian is very strong, allowing Levi Garrison to test the performance of the sword one by one.

Including the use of the power within the

tribulation … Levi Garrison was just trying the sword, and didn’t want to kill him.

Therefore, the two have been in a stalemate…

Levi Garrison is fine, but Ye Zhantian is anxious.

Faced with a junior in this place, he had been fighting for so long, but he couldn’t attack it for a long time.

If this continues, it will definitely become a shame!


“Isn’t he going to try the sword? I ruined it! Defeat him!”

Ye Zhantian had no other thoughts in his mind.

Just want to defeat Levi Garrison.


He suddenly pumped from his body.

A crimson war knife appeared…

“This knife is called Killing Blade! It is contaminated with the blood of thousands of creatures! It is the most terrifying weapon! The gods of Tiance held the Heavenly Sword and lost to me!

” Today I will take the killing knife to destroy your weapon!” “Come on, tell me the name of your weapon!”


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