The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2498

After Ye Zhantian pulled out the killing knife, his entire popularity skyrocketed dozens of times.

Personal combat power is at its peak!

That’s right!

Ye Zhantian, who is holding a killing knife, is afraid of everyone in the Garrison Clan!

This is his most terrifying time!

No one can beat it!

At the beginning, the ancient Garrison Clan was able to lock it, first of all, it was successful after he designed his knife.

Otherwise, it is estimated that he can’t be put into a dark prison!

When the killing blade appeared, Xuanyuan Qingya only felt dizzy and even blank in her consciousness.

Through the knife, she saw the scene of thousands of creatures struggling and the sea of ​​blood, and the roar of countless resentful spirits could be heard in her ears.

She felt like her soul was sucked into this knife.

As expected to be the killer that defeated the Heavenly Sword!

Faced with Ye Zhantian pulling out the killing knife, Levi Garrison just smiled, “Want to know the name of my sword? Do you deserve it?”

Tell the truth!

Divine Tribulation is known as the Tribulation of the Gods!

It is aimed at the gods of the gods laboratory!

Ye Zhantian is indeed unworthy! ! !

But Levi Garrison is very interested in killing the sword!

Much better than Heaven Sword and Earth Sword!

Add another sum for yourself to try the sword!

very nice!

Ye Zhan is really good!

Raise your brains and come up with everything to try the sword for yourself!

What a great person!

“Give me to die!!!”

Ye Zhantian has been angered to the most terrifying level.

Holding a killing knife to destroy Levi Garrison.

“Come on!”

Levi Garrison waved out with the Divine Tribulation!

“Clang!!!” The

two artifacts slammed together, making a sharp sound.

If Xuanyuan Qingya hadn’t resisted strongly, she was afraid that she would vomit blood on the spot.



… the

surrounding mountains and peaks were all flattened!

The woods burst into pieces…


Immediately, a clear voice came out.

A weapon is broken!

Ye Zhantian’s face was unbelievable, and the killing knife in his hand was broken in half!

Lost? ? ?

“Puff!” The

next moment, Shen Jie rushed through the broken killing knife, and slashed Ye Zhantian with a sword.

Suddenly blood spurted out.

It was completely absorbed by the divine calamity!

Divine Tribulation was beating with excitement, and it made a roar of swords…

This was the first time Divine Tribulation had seen blood!

It’s a good time to open the seal!

Successfully tried the sword!

Levi Garrison can also be regarded as a stop!

Otherwise, this sword would definitely kill Ye Zhantian!


Despite this, the tremendous pressure of Shen Jie suddenly bends Ye Zhantian’s waist, causing him to directly kneel to the ground.

Both knees plunged deep into the ground.

Kneeling in front of Levi Garrison!

“Well, the sword test was successful! Not bad!”

Although the target of the sword test is not so perfect!

But after all, he managed to reluctantly try the sword and succeeded.

Especially the appearance of Killing

Sword , to make up for Ye Zhantian’s lack of strength… Otherwise, Levi Garrison will try the sword and get to Tiance Mansion.

Convene a large group of masters… it

would be troublesome to think about that!

And the effect will not be good!

The effect of Ye Zhantian’s sword test this time was really great!

Even Divine Tribulation is trembling non-stop!

Obviously Shen Jie was also excited.

I also feel that the sword test was successful!

“The guarantee I said is here, I won’t kill you or hurt you seriously! I’ve got you a little bit injured!”

“Give him some medicine from the Tiance Mansion!”

Levi Garrison shouted at Xuanyuan Qingya.

Xuanyuan Qingya obediently took out a bottle of medicine and threw it to Ye Zhantian who was kneeling on the ground!

After doing all this.

Levi Garrison and Xuanyuan Qingya left.

But Ye Zhantian, whose knees were sinking into the ground, was about to cry!

His face was pale and bloodless, and his eyes were all blank and loose after the defeat…

His whole human soul was not possessed… It was

like a walking corpse!

This is the most terrifying state of human beings…the

heart is lost…the

human heart is dead !

The most collapse is but this…


“I was defeated!!!”


Anxious fire attacked his heart, and a mouthful of blood spurted out!


Cried! Ye Zhantian cried!


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