The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2499


That’s right!

Ye Zhantian made Levi Garrison cry!

A generation of killing gods actually cried!


If this matter spreads out, who will believe it?

He was beaten and cried…

cry like a child, as if a lollipop was robbed…

especially to be known by the people in Lingnan just now, afraid that he would drop his chin?

He cried?

How can this be? ? ?





A deep sense of powerlessness!

This is how Ye Zhantian feels now!

He was so helpless and wronged!

Being played as a toy by others, but there is nothing I can do about it!


He unexpectedly has one day of defeat!

Lost to a young man!

Everything that I am proud of is so vulnerable in the hands of others… This is the

strength, and so is the weapon!

The gap is really too big…a

sense of powerlessness!

A deep sense of powerlessness!

Your enemy is standing in front of you, and you do your best, let alone kill him, it is impossible to get close!

What’s more, you know that your enemy is so powerful that you can’t match it in your life…

Just defeating him, even the power of a finger is useless!

What kind of despair is that…

Looking at the medicine bottle on the ground, the picture just now appeared, and the words just now sounded in my ears.

He is getting more humiliated!

Crying louder!

“Brother, why are you crying? Isn’t it just a little skin trauma? Just go to the hospital to bandage and bandage!”

“It’s really not a man! Just a little bit hurt, crying like this?”

“Not as good as my kids… …Cry so loudly?”


passing by saw where Ye Zhantian was kneeling and crying and couldn’t help but say.

The words of these people came to Ye Zhantian’s ears.

He cried more loudly…

“Trash! What a trash! You cry for this injury?”

“I don’t brag about it! I don’t even cry like that when I see the god of death Ye Zhantian?”

“Me too! Will you cry even if you get hurt? It’s not a man!”

More and more people around began to despise Ye Zhantian!

After crying enough.

Ye Zhantian finally stood up.

Now that he is in this state, go to the ten big mountains in southern Xinjiang…

Ye Zhantian picked up the broken killing knife and left dingy.

He returned to the capital…

the capital was bustling at night.

The Garrison Clan bought all the fireworks in the capital and set them off…

there are fireworks all over the capital in the sky…and it’s so


But after Ye Zhantian saw it, he was not happy at all.

On the contrary, the humiliating eyes are all red…

“Huh?? How did you come back, ancestor?”

“Brother, why did you come back?”

… In the

Garrison Clan mansion, seeing Ye Zhantian coming back, everyone immediately surrounded him.

But the range is within one meter.

Only a few elders who came from the ancient Garrison Clan with Ye Zhantian dare to stand closer to him.

It was Ye Longtian who called Senior Brother Ye Zhantian, who was also Ye Wudao’s master!

Ye Wudao, Ye Lingtian and the others leaned over.

All of them looked at the Killing God in fear.

Even if they belong to the same clan, they are also afraid…

This is different from other people…

But Ye Zhantian at this moment, everyone can see that something is wrong.

The usual hostility and murderous intent on his body is completely gone.

It feels easy to get close…

and everyone faintly feels that he is sad, as if he has been humiliated…

How is this possible?

Will Killing God Ye Zhantian be humiliated?

Who would believe it?

Ye Long day looked at him and asked, “Brother in the end how? Lingnan you not to conquer the land, to go ten southern mountains, went on to conquer the Hmong do? How come back?”

“Yes, we see that you do not seem to mind high …Difficult… Did something happen…” the

others asked tremblingly.

For fear of angering this killer god!

Everyone was looking at him in unison. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!


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