The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2501

Other people, including Ye Wudao, had never seen Killing Dao.

But Ye Longtian still met them!

At this time, the killing knife that Ye Zhantian took out turned out to be broken!

What happened?

Could it be that what happened to Ye Zhantian?

All the killing knives are broken?

As soon as he came back, everyone felt his abnormality!

Combined with the killing of the knife, I’m sure something must have happened.

“Ah? How did the killing knife break? Did you not tell us something?”

Everyone asked.

At this moment, Ye Zhan really wanted to tell the story of how easily he was defeated.

But then I think about it-I represent the ancient Garrison Clan and want to conquer Daxia.

If this matter is said!

It will be a heavy blow to the ancient Garrison Clan!

Everyone’s spirits might be gone.

It can even be said that it directly hit the Garrison Clan’s vitality!

Besides, it has a great influence on his own face…

The king of beasts who used to be the king of tigers roars in the mountains, but he was beaten into a crying sick cat…

He is also a face-saving person!

I don’t want the family, the younger generations are disappointed in myself…

“I will explain the matter of killing the knife and the sudden return of me…”

Ye Zhantian said, “Actually, I broke the knife by myself… Over time, I was too murderous and committed too many crimes of killing karma! If I continue to kill like this, I am afraid I will become a devil and become a machine completely!”

“In order to reduce my killing, I deliberately cut off the killing knife. Come back again, be quiet for a while!”

Ye Zhantian made up his reasons.

Everyone believes it!

After all, no one can defeat Ye Zhantian in the recognition of Ye people!

No one can cut off the killing knife!

This is absolutely impossible!


Everyone believes this reason!

“Then Uncle, you don’t even go to sanction Levi Garrison the day after tomorrow?”

Ye Wudao asked hurriedly.

He wants to give Levi Garrison and Tiance Mansion a prestige!

If Ye Zhantian didn’t go, wouldn’t his plan fail?

Ye Lingtian and his ilk also became nervous immediately.

But I can’t interrupt their plan…

Ye Zhantian shook his head, “No, I will go! Levi Garrison must be punished! His children must also be taken away, Tiance Mansion…” When it

comes to Tiance Mansion, Ye Zhan Tian’s face changed.

Although he didn’t know who Levi Garrison was, he was from Tiance Mansion next to him!

“Tiance Mansion, let’s talk about it! Anyway, after the sanctions on Levi Garrison, I need to be quiet for a while!”

Ye Zhantian needs to stay in seclusion for a period of time to soothe the hurt in his heart.

Levi Garrison’s sword test brought Ye Zhantian great pain.

“That’s really great!!!”

Ye Wudao and the others got excited immediately after getting an affirmative answer.

Next, everyone began to appreciate the research to kill the sword.

“It’s terrifying? It’s a weapon that is more powerful than the sword and the sword!”


talk about the complete killing knife, it’s this half. Looking at the whole world, who dares not accept it?” “I’m going, I heard countless complaints. The sound of the struggling spirit, my soul was almost sucked in…”

“Horrible! Terrible! This is the strongest weapon I have ever seen! No one…”

Everyone began to praise how powerful the killing knife was… It’s

just that Ye Zhantian avoided far away.

I don’t want to hear the slightest praise about the killing of the sword… the

killing of the sword has been defeated!

The failure was a mess!

“Okay, don’t watch it! Get out of here!”

Ye Zhantian couldn’t listen anymore when everyone continued to praise him.

If this continues, he can’t help but beat others.

Therefore, quickly drove everyone away!

Put away the “shame” killing knife.

“Uncle Uncle remembers to sanction Levi Garrison the day after tomorrow!”

Ye Wudao did not forget to remind him.

“If you want to blame Levi Garrison, you will be unlucky!!!” Ye Zhantian wanted to cast all the anger on Levi Garrison.


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