The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2502

After visiting the killing knife.

Everyone sighed!

Especially Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian and his ilk.

For their strong heart is reinforced!

“Hey! Takitani Kuroki is dead too fast! I defeated me at the beginning, I took a sigh of relief! Move directly to the ancients to rescue soldiers! If he lives! His diamond body can block the killing knife? Impossible !”

Ye Wudao sighed.

In fact, Ye Zhantian and the others came to kill the gods, and it also had something to do with Ye Wudao’s relocation of soldiers.

“That’s for sure! No matter how hard he encounters the killing knife, he still has a dead end!”

Ye Lingtian and the others nodded one after another.

“It would be great if I had a killer at the time! Takitani Kuroki still wants to beat me? Impossible!”

Ye Wudao has a obsession with killing a sword.

I want it!

Ye Lingtian asked curiously, “Little ancestor! Why didn’t you choose to kill the gods to be your master? Although the ancestor Ye Longtian is also strong, he is not at the same level as

that of killing the gods!” Everything about his practice is for killing! The family is afraid that I will become a monster! So I won’t let me learn from him!”

“Hey, but I really want to worship him as a teacher! Only by worshipping him as a teacher! I can have the chance! Defeat the Marshal Tiance! I heard that Marshal Tiance is practicing King Kong not bad magic

skills recently! If I get the killing sword and worship the god of

death as my teacher, then I can defeat the marshal Tiance… otherwise the gap between me and him will only be It’s getting bigger and bigger!”

Ye Wudao said his thoughts.

He has always regarded Tiance Marshal as his opponent!

“Or! It is possible for me to worship the Dark God as my teacher! Despite the rumors, the Dark God lost to the God Commander Tiance, but I heard another version. The Dark God won…”

Ye Wudao said.

Ye Lingtian comforted, “Little Ancestor is in no hurry! Let’s wait for Levi Garrison to be sanctioned!”


… At

this time, Levi Garrison actually did not return to Jiangbei.

He knows again through intelligence.

There is a temple in the depths of the snow-capped mountains in the north.

There is an indestructible bell in the temple!

He specifically ran to split…

he heard some indestructible armor and so on.

Levi Garrison ran to experiment one by one…

Two days have passed back and forth… It

will soon be time for the Garrison Clan to punish him.

At the gate of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, a large army gathered.

Ye Zhantian, who had been slowing down for two days, was in a good mood.

Follow the big army to Jiangbei!

Great summer sensation.

Everyone is trembling!

Levi Garrison, who was related to Tiance Mansion, was about to move after all!

There is a killer!

Who is not afraid?

On the other side, in Jiangbei Villa.

After sending Levilia to Tiance Mansion, Zoey and the others returned.

After the result came, Levi Garrison was not there.

Just got the news that Garrison Clan’s large force is coming soon.

Zoey and others are going to die of anger.

“Let’s see! Levi Garrison ran away! How awesome he was when he said it? He asked Levilia to stay too. Who would dare to touch his daughter as a genius? The result? After the mouth addiction, the man ran away and disappeared! “

Everyone sneered.

“It seems that after we left, he and Xuanyuan Qingya left. I don’t know where they went… if they don’t come back now, then he won’t be back.”

“Immediately! The Garrison Clan and the Killing God are here! The person involved is not here!” It’s up to us to bear everything!”

“So, Levi Garrison is really not a human being!”

Li and Zhao’s family was going to be furious.

“I have to say, the boss is too much! Besides, it was predicted that he was right! Many people had predicted that he was going to run a few days earlier, and he really ran away!”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) and the others said dissatisfiedly.

Xiao Feng and the others were also very angry.

“I really want to sever the relationship between the teacher and the apprentice…”

Even Levi Garrison’s closest person lost confidence in him.

“Report! Garrison Clan has entered Jiangbei! Coming soon!” The

news came, and Zoey’s face was ugly. “Everyone leave! I will take care of my husband alone!”


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