The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2504

After Ye Zhantian arrived, he said coldly, “Where are Levi Garrison and his children? Come out!”

“Today the ancient Garrison Clan is here! Two things!”

“First, take my blood of the ancient Garrison Clan, Levilia Bring her back to train! Don’t let her continue to wander outside! Such a good talent is wasted!”

“Secondly, Levi Garrison killed his brother and imprisoned his biological father! He also sent the family to hell! Repeated violations of the Garrison Clan rules! The heinous crimes committed are enough for him to die a hundred times! This time, he will be punished!”

Ye Longtian said beside him.

Many members of the Garrison Clan were trembling, and they had waited too long this day.

In their opinion, it was Levi Garrison who personally drove them into hell, causing them to roll down from the altar.

Holding a breath for a long time, I can finally vent today.

“Are you ready to ambush your sins?”

Ye Wudao pointed to everyone.

Plum leaf fight looked stained Heaven “First, how my daughter had kind of life she has the right to self-selection! Now she had in the days of the government policy! If you have the ability to go find someone to-day government policy it!”

“Heaven Cefu…cough cough…”

Ye Longtian and the others changed their expressions when they heard this name.

They are not afraid of this existence, but they are afraid.

Although this is a bit contradictory.

But it is so.

They were not afraid but they were afraid…

the feeling was very subtle…

Ye Zhantian’s body also shook slightly, but immediately he roared, “What’s wrong with Tiance Mansion? After solving the problem here! I will go to Tiance Mansion.” VIPs! I think who can stop me?”

This is actually the onset of sequelae after being defeated by Levi Garrison!

He was so stupefied like this!

He has suffered all the humiliation!

This is more painful than death!

Don’t be afraid of death!

What else is there to be afraid of?

In order to vent his anger, he decided to fight it out!

Die to die!

Even if you die, you have to touch Tiance Mansion!

He was in a state of madness to a perverted state… he was

completely free…

He was in a state where he was free, like a demon god descending into the world!

It shocked the audience! ! !

Everyone feels a sense of oppression from the depths of their souls…

this breath alone can crush them! Not to

mention head-on head-on…

that’s impossible!


That is a deep sense of powerlessness!

But Zoey was in a cold sweat and gasped, “Second! My husband Levi Garrison has left! I will take care of all his affairs!”

“Levi Garrison ran away?”

Ye Wudao asked.

“Hahaha…really ran away!”

“I really laughed at me! Shocked tortoise! ​​Greedy for life and fear of death!”

… As

soon as I heard Levi Garrison ran away.

Everyone laughed.

“So persuaded? Just ran away?”

Ye Zhantian sneered.

“Uncle uncle heard your prestige! Who is not afraid? Not just Levi Garrison ran away! Even the group of people present are also running away! But we just happened to be stopped by us! Otherwise, there will be no one in this place!”

Ye Wu Tao explained.

Zoey said coldly, “I will always be there! My husband is not here! I will bear the consequences! I am not your opponent! If you want to kill, you have to kill you!”

Ye Zhantian glanced at everyone, “Levi Garrison is not there. Right? All of you are related to Levi Garrison, right? Okay! Then you will bear the heinous crime of Levi Garrison! None of the people present will be alive!” The

words came out.

Li and Zhao’s family was scared and crying.


Li Songkui, Li Wenhai and others knelt to the ground one after another.

“Please kill the god Mingjian! We have nothing to do with Levi Garrison!”

“We always hate him! He must die!”

“Yes! Levi Garrison will pay for his actions!” “Just kill the god and let us go, Let’s go and arrest Levi Garrison right away! I beg you to let us go! This matter really has nothing to do with us…”


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