The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2505

Look at the selfish performance of Li and Zhao’s family.

Everyone can only sigh.

They are not to blame for the plum dyeing.

After all, this matter really has nothing to do with others!

It’s all about Levi Garrison alone!

There is no need to take his life for Levi Garrison!

What they did is right!


At this time, Ye Lingtian also said, “The ancestors have always been at odds with Levi Garrison! This matter has nothing to do with them!”

Ye Wudao also agreed, “This is indeed true! They hate Levi Garrison!”

Hearing this, Ye said. Zhan

Tian said coldly, “Okay, as long as they kneel down and knock three beeps! I will let them go!” Hearing Ye Zhantian’s words, everyone was released!

Li and Zhao’s family immediately knelt on the ground, and began to bang their heads at Ye Zhantian.

In order to survive, they could have done nothing at all.

What is it to just kowtow now?

What’s more, Ye Zhantian’s seniority is so high, even Li Tianhao has to call out the existence of Xiaozu.

What is it to kowtow to him?

“Okay, you’re all right! Get out of the way!”

Ye Zhantian said coldly.

Li and Zhao’s family all dodged aside…

Zoey took a deep breath, “Can you let them kowtow too, so as to avoid death?”

She didn’t want Xiao Feng and the others to die in vain.

“No! Master, let’s advance and retreat together with you! Afraid of what they do? The big deal is to do it!”

“Yes, we are not vegetarian!”

“Even if he is a tiger, he has to break a few teeth!”

Everyone expressed their views.

Zoey couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to.

“Good! Very good! I appreciate it!”

“Then all die!”

Ye Zhantian said coldly.

Ye Wudao laughed and said, “When can you hide Levi Garrison? Since you abandoned them, kill them first!”

“Come on! Let’s see how strong the Garrison Clan is!”

Everyone has done it. Well prepared for battle!

It’s a desperate battle!


Tiance Mansion.

Levilia is already anxious like an ant on a hot pot…

She knows that the Garrison Clan has already been crushed by a large army at the moment, and the mother and the others are in danger.

The father is not there, and the mother is solely responsible for it.

She went by herself and was definitely not Ye Zhantian’s opponent.

Therefore, she asked for help from the gods of Tiance.

The result was rejected by Tiance Shenshuai.

His reason is simple-they don’t interfere with this matter, and they can’t handle it.

Only if Ye Zhantian called Tiance Mansion, they would take action.

Things outside have nothing to do with them.

Not only that.

The god commander Tiance also gave an order not to let anyone help.

Several masters including Levilia could not leave Tiance Mansion either.

In this way, Levilia could not invite any reinforcements to save people.

Tiance Shenshuai also trapped her.

Don’t let her leave Tiance Mansion.

Levilia is about to explode, but there is no way.


field has entered a white-hot state.

Zoey and the others were already looking at death and they were ready to fight Ye Zhantian desperately.

“Levi Garrison, you have no conscience! Where did you go???? Leave your wife and brothers and apprentices behind to face the difficulties!”

“You are really not a human! You and other women ran for a happy life! But you want something else! People bear your fault! You beast!”

“Levi Garrison has an accident with my daughter today, and I will definitely take your head in the future! You are not a thing!”

“Yes! If you are a man, Levi Garrison! Come out and bear it!”

Seeing the crisis, Li Wenyuan and his wife felt sorry for their daughter and shouted angrily.

Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian laughed after listening.

“Only you are fools! Levi Garrison is a smart person! When I heard that the ancient Garrison Clan wanted to do him, I guess the escape location and route had already been designed!”

Ye Lingtian sighed, “I guess when I heard the strength of the ancestor, I immediately scared away. I don’t dare to fight!” “Does Levi Garrison have the strength to fight with me?”


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