The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2506

At this moment, a voice came from far and near.

Like the thunder in the depths of the void.

This voice seemed to burst into everyone’s ears suddenly.

It shocked everyone in the audience.

It’s really like a thunder.

Ye Lingtian and Ye Wudao almost jumped up in fright.

Zoey, Xiao Feng, Azure Dragon (Qinglong) heard familiar voices, their expressions changed drastically.



“He’s back ????? “

“We blamed him!”

Knowing that Levi  was coming back, Xiao Feng and the others cried with joy.

I really want to cry.

When Levi  came back, it was different.

Even if he doesn’t have the strength to solve everything in front of him.

At least stand with

everyone and go forward and retreat together… Even if everyone is dead, they are still smiling and walking the Huangquan Road!

Zoey laughed when he heard a familiar voice.

he came!

He was not absent at the last moment!

Even death is worth it!


Garrison Clan members also changed color one by one…

just now they were still ridiculing Levi Garrison.

As a result, someone suddenly appeared!

“Huh? This voice?? At least a hundred miles away…”

Ye Zhantian and Ye Longtian were the most sober people in the field.

They were surprised to find that this voice came from at least a hundred miles away…

Calculate according to the distance!

This person is still outside Jiangbei! ! !


Isn’t it horrible?

Feel the pressure!

Everyone’s faces have changed!

“Huh? Why does this sound sound a bit familiar…”

Ye Zhantian muttered to himself.

Hearing this sound, I felt very familiar, as if I had heard it somewhere.

Want not up ……

“Ye monarchs come! Ye monarchs turned out to be!”

“Boss he did not run away! He comes! I will not let anyone boss a slander again!”

“Yes! Who then slander Master one, I told He desperately!”


people around Zoey became excited.

Zoey straightened his waist and faced Garrison Clan.

She was not afraid at first, but now she is not afraid!

The Li and Zhao family standing nearby also looked ugly.

Originally they believed that Levi Garrison would never come back, who would have thought that he would come back at the last moment.

But they are also mocking Levi Garrison’s brain disease!

Isn’t it just to die when you come back at this time?

The brain is sick!

People like Li Songkui, Li Wenhai and others still couldn’t understand Levi Garrison, Zoey, and Azure Dragon (Qinglong)’s death.

They don’t think it’s worth it…

“What’s the situation?”

Ye Zhantian couldn’t help asking when seeing everyone’s changes.

“The ancestor is Levi Garrison who is back…it just so happened… I originally wanted to solve this group of queen ants, and then look for them!”

Ye Wudao said immediately.

“Ah? Come back? Exactly! I’m really curious about what kind of Levi Garrison who committed the heinous crime?”

Ye Zhantian was very curious.

The others, Ye Longtian, were also very curious.

“Well, don’t move them first, just wait for Levi  to come! It seems that this kid has two chances!”

“It’s better to be stronger, otherwise it’s too boring…”

Garrison Clan decided not to do it for the time being.

Waiting for the arrival of Levi Garrison.

According to their judgment, Levi Garrison was outside Jiangbei and it would take a while to come here.

But the next moment, two figures already appeared.

“f*ck, I went to the depths of Antarctica! Hurry up, I’m still late!”

Levi Garrison’s voice had already been heard before the person arrived.

In the past three days, he and Xuanyuan Qingya ran around the world.

They are everywhere.

Isn’t this?

All came back in a hurry!

“Well, it’s too tiring to rush back like this…”

Xuanyuan Qingya also said.

“Huh?” The

more familiar…

this woman’s voice is also so familiar!

It was only for a while that Ye Zhantian’s mind was confused.

I really can’t remember who it was…

With the voice, Levi Garrison and the two walked in.

“I heard that someone wants to punish Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu see who it is?” Levi Garrison said arrogantly.


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