The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2510

“It’s because I’m afraid of me! When I saw me, I beat Garrison family! Then I ran away dingy!”

After hearing Levi Garrison’s explanation, everyone was stunned.

Will the killer be afraid of Levi Garrison?

How can it be?

This is impossible!

Ye Zhantian’s strength, everyone has just experienced deeply.

For the strong of the gods, it is a spike!

Ye Wudao’s level was slapped like that.

Levi Garrison couldn’t even compare to a bug in the face of Killing God.

Everyone just assumed Levi Garrison was joking…on the

other side.

Ye Longtian’s analysis was similar to Azure Dragon (Qinglong).

There is a high probability that Ye Wudao’s behavior on behalf of others infuriated Ye Zhantian!

After the Garrison Clan returned to the capital.

The members of the clan were shocked and frightened.

Why did he go out to punish Levi Garrison, but brought back a bunch of wounded?

At this moment, Ye Zhantian spoke.

Bring everyone together.

“I want to say two things…”

“First, use all the medicines brought out by the clan on them! I will personally treat Wudao, Ling Tian and the others!” The

words came out.

Everyone was surprised.

What exactly is Ye Zhantian doing?

I just wounded everyone, and after I came back, I have to spend a lot of effort to save?

What are you doing?

The key is not in line with Ye Zhantian’s style!

If he did something wrong, he would kill the wrong person.

It’s even more impossible to come back to save someone like this.

This is not his style!

strangeness! too weird!

Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian, who were dying, did not understand the act of killing gods.

It seems that after Levi Garrison came, he changed…

You are angry to vent to Levi Garrison!

What are you doing to vent to us?

Save us after it’s done?

Is it idle?

“Secondly, from now on, all the members of the Garrison Clan will stay honestly, not to trouble Levi Garrison and Levilia! Let me know, kill without mercy!”

Ye Zhantian said .

Immediately, many people asked, “Why?”

“Levi Garrison is a sinner of the Garrison Clan, and deserves to be punished by all the rules of the clan! And Levilia is my Garrison Clan bloodline, how can I be cultivated by others?”

Even Ye Longtian didn’t understand. NS.

“Do you dare to question my decision??” As

soon as Ye Zhantian said this, the voice of doubt immediately disappeared.

Everyone shut up obediently.

“Listen! My decision is also the decision of the ancient Garrison Clan! I don’t want to hear the voice of questioning and questioning…”

No one in the Garrison Clan dared to question or other.

Healing the wounded hastily… After

Ye Zhantian returned to his detached house, he began to gasp for breath.

He even sat down on the ground, his whole body was wet with cold sweat…The

whole body was trembling with both legs, and he couldn’t stand up.

The front is really strong support!

Forced him to finish fighting everyone in the Garrison Clan, and forced him to return to the capital.

After separating from the Garrison Clan, his tone came to an end.

Finally couldn’t hold it anymore.

He never thought that Levi Garrison was the one who tried the sword…

How powerful Levi Garrison was, it was definitely not something he could detect.

But he can easily defeat himself.

As long as that sword is a little bit harder, he will undoubtedly die!

too frightening!

Fortunately, he responded quickly.

Smoking Ye Wudao and the others one by one…

and escaped as quickly as possible.

If I continue to stay there, I really don’t know what will happen.

Ye Zhantian couldn’t imagine…

He felt a little moist in his eyes … He

cried again!

Did God play with me on purpose?

The enemy I have to deal with turns out to be the one who defeated me?

The more Ye Zhantian thought about it, the more frustrated he was, and he couldn’t make a sound of crying.

The whole person was struggling to get up,

but he failed several times… he felt a little peeing even more.

To be scared to pee.

A figure in the distance was watching here, and he walked step by step.

“Brother, I found out that something was wrong with you a long time ago, what the hell is going on, tell me!”

It turned out to be Ye Longtian. “Don’t hide it from me!”


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  1. Spare Zoey and Levi’s apprentice from looking stupid. They are ready to die for him so they deserve respect. Let them be proud of their master again.

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