The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2511

“You…when did you come?”

Ye Zhantian asked tremblingly.

He was so nervous and afraid that he didn’t even notice Ye Longtian.

This was impossible before!

If Ye Longtian were the enemy to assassinate him, he would definitely succeed. Ye Longtian sighed, “Brother, actually, I have already noticed that you are abnormal! Killing the knife broke your explanation, right? You have a logical error! You know the material of the killing knife better than anyone else? It is indestructible. ! Even you

can’t interrupt it.

I guess, your killing knife was interrupted by someone, right?”

Although Ye Longtian felt that this might be almost zero.

But it is still possible!

He asked subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, Ye Zhantian nodded, “Yes, that’s right! I didn’t break the killing knife myself! I didn’t break it by myself! It was interrupted by others!”



Ye Long The sky was shocked and scared.

Was it really interrupted by someone else?

“He has an Excalibur that is a hundred times stronger than mine, and can easily cut it off! This is not the key! It is his strength! He can easily defeat me! It feels useless at all. The power of one defeated me!”

“The reason he was looking for me was to try the sword…”

Ye Zhantian told Levi Garrison all about the fact that Levi Garrison asked him to try the sword.

Ye Longtian was shocked…

this, this… will

Ye Zhantian lose?

He really couldn’t think of anyone else from the ancient Garrison Clan who could deal with him?

There is such a person in the world who can easily defeat Ye Zhantian.

“Do you know who defeated me?”

Ye Zhantian asked.

“Sho… shouldn’t it be Levi Garrison?” For some

reason, Ye Longtian came up with this name in his mind.

“Yes! It’s him!”

Ye Longtian understood after hearing this.

Everything is understood.

Ye Zhantian understood a series of abnormal actions…

In fact, he didn’t really want to kill Ye Wudao and the others.

He is protecting the Ye people!

If it hadn’t been for him to protect like this, I’m afraid the Ye people would have finished it today.

Even the ancient Garrison Clan will be implicated.

Wise move!

Now think about what Ye Zhantian has done absolutely!

“I really didn’t expect the secular Garrison Clan to have such an existence against the

sky ! Even the ancient Garrison Clan is an absolute leader! I can’t think of who can be his opponent…” Ye Longtian gasped.

Ye Zhantian nodded, “It’s terrible because it’s unfathomable! Even I can’t detect where his limit is… Hey, I’m such a waste… I haven’t defeated, but this defeat is so complete!

” Actually, brother, you don’t need to be depressed! Think about it this way, Levi Garrison is the blood of Garrison Clan! In fact, you have lost to your descendants, and you are not an outsider…”

Ye Longtian comforted.

Hearing this, Ye Zhantian’s eyes lit up, “Yes! He has to call me ancestor according to generation!”

He felt a lot more cheerful.

“But he is so powerful, why doesn’t everyone know? Ye Wudao, fools like that, still want to use him with a knife?”

Ye Longtian thought for a while and said, “It should be that he has any plans. I don’t want to reveal his strength for the time being! Then we must keep secrets for him and not destroy his affairs!”

“Well, this is certain!”

“Since I am Garrison Clan has such a powerful younger generation, if he comes to the Garrison Clan, wouldn’t my Garrison Clan directly oppress the Tiance Mansion Baolong Clan!”

Ye Zhantian nodded fiercely, “That’s for sure! He wants to join the Garrison Clan. Ancient Clan! My Garrison Clan has swept the world invincible!”

“The Garrison Clan has such a bloodline, we should immediately tell the Garrison Clan! Let the whole clan have a meeting, and then take out the highest etiquette of the Garrison Clan to take people back!” Ye Longtian’s proposal, Ye Zhantian agreed, “This kind of offspring should please come back at all costs!”


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