The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2512

After knowing Levi Garrison’s true strength.

Ye Longtian desperately wanted Levi Garrison to return to the Garrison Clan.

But it is not force, but the highest etiquette.

It is necessary to use the best thick conditions to attract Levi Garrison back.

Soon Ye Longtian told several elders who came to his colleagues about this matter.

After they knew it, they were shocked.

They have the same thoughts as Ye Zhantian.

Please go back Levi Garrison.

Restore him as a child of the Garrison Clan!

“That way! You two quickly tell the patriarch from the Hui clan… Let all who have the right to speak come here!”

“We, immediately go to discuss with Levi Garrison! See if he has any conditions…”

Ye Longtian arranged Rear.

The two elders rushed back to the ancient Garrison Clan as quickly as possible.

“I will

heal people first! Otherwise, they will die…” Ye Zhantian and Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian later healed their injuries.

The two of them were the most injured… and

both were dying.

Ye Zhantian also tried their best to heal them.

Take out all the best medicine.

Soon after, the two were out of danger.

Ye Wudao even got sane and woke up.

“Uncle Uncle I won’t blame you! You taught me, of course you have your reason!”

“Uncle Uncle waits for my recovery, I will sanction Levi Garrison! A little Levi Garrison is not worth your shot! I didn’t realize it. A little…”

Ye Wudao said.

He thought that Ye Zhantian beat him because of his overkill.

Take the god of death to punish Levi Garrison…


Hearing Levi Garrison’s name.

The expressions of the two changed immediately.

Where are you stiff, do not speak…

“Master, what’s wrong with you, Uncle? Did I say the wrong thing?”

Ye Wudao asked suspiciously.

Ye Lingtian, who woke up next to him, also agreed, “Yes! That’s right! Levi Garrison’s small character, no matter where the two ancestors get the shot, let’s deal with it!” It

became more stiff.

The faces of two people!


“Bang!” In the

next second, Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian knocked Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian unconscious with one punch.

“Shut up, isn’t it good to be in a coma? You just talk a lot of nonsense!” The

two were furious.

After treating the two, they set off again for Jiangbei.

At this time, news of the patriarch and elder group of the ancient Garrison Clan had arrived.

Ask the two to negotiate first!

They came here afterwards… The

patriarch and the great elder issued an order-no matter what Levi Garrison asked for, they must agree!

This time, Levi Garrison must return to the Garrison Clan!

For example, you can kill Ye Lingtian and Ye Wudao…

any condition can be met!

All can be discussed!

After receiving the order from the patriarch, the two became more confident in this negotiation.

When the two came to Jiangbei.

Frightened the guards outside.

In the villa.

Levi Garrison and the others are still together.

“It’s not good! The big event is not good!”

“Our spies just came to news! Said that the killing god Ye Zhantian is returning to Jiangbei! He is currently coming here!!!”

This word came out.

There was dead silence in the villa.


Everyone thought that the Garrison Clan might come again.

But I didn’t expect the speed to be so fast… At

this time everyone looked at Levi Garrison, “Didn’t you say that Ye Zhantian was afraid that you would not dare to come? Why did you come so soon? Your lie is self-defeating!”

Zoey went on It was a sneer, “Levi Garrison is not embarrassed? Isn’t he slapped? People are not afraid of you! They are here again!”

“Before everyone cooperated with you in acting to satisfy your vanity! Don’t be addicted! Others are not used to you!”

Levi Garrison also A little confused.

It stands to reason that Ye Zhantian didn’t dare to come.

Why does this kid dare to come.

Even Xuanyuan Qingya was extremely puzzled.

Ye Zhan is really not afraid?

Dare to come?

“What to do?”

“It seems too late to run, people seem to have arrived!” Zoey sneered, “People are afraid of Levi Garrison, let’s see if Levi Garrison can scare away…”


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