The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2513

Levi Garrison really wanted to know why this kid came…

If he came to make trouble, Levi Garrison would not keep his hands.

It’s okay to talk about other things…

but if you make trouble, forgive him for not having the guts!

“Garrison Clan Ye Zhantian, Ye Longtian is here to visit!!!” A

voice was already heard from the person outside.

Hearing these words, Levi Garrison had already roughly understood Ye Zhantian’s intentions.

This is the meaning of visiting, not looking for something.

But when Zoey heard these words, they changed their tastes-in the eyes of everyone, they were arrogant and domineering.

After all, let the killer come to visit, they can’t even think about it, how can they be qualified.

“Come in!”

Levi Garrison responded.

Everyone glanced at Levi Garrison.

Are you so brave?

Are you not afraid of death at all?

After getting a response.

Ye Zhantian and Ye Longtian entered.

Zoey and the others were serious about it, like an enemy…

staring at the two.

“The rest of you leave first!”

Ye Zhantian said after taking a look at Zoey.

With a hint of order.

But he glanced at Levi Garrison subconsciously.

Seeing that he looked normal.

He let out a long sigh of relief.


Everyone was taken aback, but no one moved.

Why do they allow Levi Garrison to be here alone…


Never leave!

Everyone regards death as home!

“Hehe, we need to ask him something… If we really do, do you have any relationship with whether you are there or not?”

Ye Longtian looked at everyone with a sneer.

Ye Zhantian also said coldly, “Hurry up! Do you have to force me to ask you to leave?”

Zoey and the others hesitated as soon as these words came out.

Looking at each other, a thought flashed in his mind…

If the killing god wants to do it, it is indeed the same whether they are there or not.

All are cannon fodder!

The gap is too big.

If they are here to kill Levi Garrison, why bother talking nonsense with them and just do it directly.

The reason for this is probably because there is something to ask Levi Garrison.

It’s probably their Garrison Clan’s own business.

In any case, Levi Garrison’s body is flowing with Garrison Clan blood.

This is undeniable.

“Well, let’s go out first! Call us directly if something happens!”

Zoey could only withdraw from the villa with everyone.

Leave the place.

“Miss Xuanyuan…”

Zoey was about to call out Xuanyuan Qingya.

“No, she can stay!”

Ye Zhantian said immediately.

After everyone left, Ye Zhantian could no longer pretend.


gasping for breath.

The two bowed and bent over at ninety degrees, facing Levi Garrison’s respectful

saying , “Grandmaster is here, please be respected by us!” They put aside their identities, and only talked about their strength!

“Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter? Do you want me to return to the Garrison Clan? To be precise, it is the Garrison Clan ancient clan!”

Levi Garrison said.


Ye Zhantian glanced at each other.

The eyes are full of shock.

Does he know?

“This… is indeed… Grandmaster. It was a misunderstanding before! We listened to the nonsense of some juniors!” “We investigated the course of the matter. Ye Chen was wrong first, and tried to kill Grandmaster and repeatedly. His mother! He is more than guilty! The Garrison Clan in Beijing has committed all kinds of evil deeds! Enough to exterminate them! Grandmaster, you are already too kind!

Everything is done by themselves and cannot live!”

Ye Zhantian said.

Levi Garrison and Xuanyuan Qingya both laughed.

This era is the law of the weak eating the strong!

If Levi Garrison is not strong, will all this happen?

will not!

I don’t know Levi ’s strength, all of them are his faults, all his crimes, and he will be cut out!

But after knowing Levi Garrison’s strength, he confessed his crime instead!

In this era, there is no right or wrong. Only strong and weak…


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