The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2515


What’s the identity of Levi Garrison?

Ye Zhantian personally invite!

It’s absolutely impossible!

“What’s the matter? Don’t be kidding…”

Zoey naturally didn’t believe it.

“That’s right! They’re here to invite the Hui Garrison Clan in

King’s Landing !” Xuanyuan Qingya suddenly said.

“Huh?” At

this time, everyone was stunned.

No one believed what Levi Garrison said.

But when Xuanyuan Qingya said that, everyone believed it.

Think about it again, why Ye Zhantian wants to spread them out…

it must be something within the Garrison Clan!

And don’t you want outsiders to see the picture they invite Levi Garrison?

As for Xuanyuan Qingya’s presence, the reason is her identity-Tiance Mansion.

I got it!

Zoey looked at each other with everyone… he

immediately thought of the reason.

The reason why the ancient Garrison Clan allowed Levi Garrison to return may have something to do with Levilia…

Although Ye Zhantian said he was not afraid of the Tiance Mansion and the Baolong clan… but

everyone understands that I still dare not stand up against the ancient Garrison Clan. Just!

You should know that there are actually several Baolong clan, not one clan.

The combined strength is not comparable to the Garrison Clan…

they still dare not move.

Don’t even dare to snatch Levilia out of Tiance Mansion!

They want to be fair and honest, and reasonably and legally to get the ruler.

First of all, you have to deal with the relationship with Levi Garrison.

As long as Levi Garrison joins the ancient Garrison Clan, it is equivalent to officially acknowledging the identity of Levilia.

In this way, the ancient Garrison Clan can

bring the monarch back and cultivate by himself… It is actually because of Levilia that Levi Garrison joined… After

knowing this, no one is asking more…

“You still agree! This is good for you and Levilia! As for the question of where Levilia is going to be, you can ask the Garrison Clan to discuss with Tiance Mansion! You have to get rid of the relationship…”

Zoey persuaded.

She didn’t want Levi Garrison and Levilia to have an accident.

The Garrison Clan is too strong.

Joining them is also a good thing…

“Look, I’ll join if they can promise me…”

Levi Garrison said lightly.

“You dare to mention the conditions! Be careful not to die…”

Zoey said.

She looked at Xuanyuan Qingya again, “With Ms. Xuanyuan participating, it must be a tripartite talk! I can rest assured… you can figure it out… I won’t interfere…” on the

other side.

Brother Ye Zhantian returned to the Garrison Clan in the capital.

I just met everyone from the ancient Garrison Clan…

there were hundreds of people in front of me!

They are all high-ranking members of the ancient Garrison Clan…

even a few old ancestors who have been in seclusion from the world have come…

These are the existence of Ye Zhantian and they have to call grandfather, which shows that the seniority is high.

Hearing that the descendants of the Garrison Clan had such an existence, everyone couldn’t sit still and all ran to greet them.

An old man headed by him is domineering and majestic.

The patriarch of the ancient Garrison family-Ye Qingtian!

The unique existence among the Garrison Clan!

He was the one who put Ye Zhantian in the dark cage at the beginning!

People who can suppress Ye Zhantian!

The elder Ye Fengtian, the second elder Ye Qingtian, and the third elder Ye Wangtian… the

four patron saints of the


Garrison Clan … the gatekeeper of the ancient Garrison Clan … Basically all the high-level Garrison Clan came…

Compared with these people, Ye Longtian’s identity is considered backward.

Their names are all in the sky!

It means that they are gods second only to the sky…

“Huh? Why are you back? Did something happen?”

Ye Qingtian couldn’t help asking when seeing everyone.

“Nothing happened! Levi Garrison put forward the conditions, but we can’t meet them…”

Ye Zhantian said helplessly.

Everyone smiled curiously, “There are conditions you can’t meet. I want to know what are the conditions?”

“Levi Garrison wants to take charge of the ancient Garrison Clan and all the Garrison Clan in the world! I want to take your place!”

Ye Zhantian looked at Ye. Qingtian said. As soon as these words came out, there was silence…


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