The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2517

The divine calamity at this moment is meek like a child in front of Levi Garrison!

If it weren’t for the actual situation, even Xuanyuan Qingya would think it was a very docile weapon!

But actually ruining the world…

Soon, Xuanyuan Qingya already felt the oppression.

People from the ancient Garrison Clan are here.


Shen Jie felt the oppressive breath, and suddenly trembled with excitement.

“Levi Garrison! The ancestors of the ancient Garrison Clan are here! You junior, don’t you come out on your knees to greet you?”

A stern shout came.

All the Ye people waited outside the villa for Levi ‘s arrival to greet them.

It’s just that Levi Garrison closed his eyes to rest his mind, and didn’t pay any attention.

Ye Zhantian sneered and said, “If you want to invite him, you have to go there yourself…wait for him to come out to pick you up! Impossible!”

“If he is smart, he should know what the situation is now! He will definitely come out and kneel to meet our ancestors. Yes!”

“Yes, I believe Levi Garrison is a smart person! He will make the right choice!”

Ye Qingtian said.

They call themselves their ancestors.

Waiting for Levi Garrison to handle it and kneel to greet him.

If they enter directly, it would be a shame for them!

So everyone is standing there and waiting!

“You wait, we are going in first.”

Ye Zhantian and the two entered first.

“Boss! Trash! Was scared like this by a junior?”

Everyone scolded.

Ye Zhantian, who felt that he hadn’t put anyone in his eyes, was embarrassed by Garrison Clan!

After Ye Zhantian entered.

I saw the sword of “Divine Tribulation” at first sight!


A terrifying breath came across.


Ye Zhantian was inexplicably afraid of Divine Tribulation. He

knelt down directly…

and he felt that the divine calamity was even more majestic and terrifying than before!

If Ye Longtian faced Divine Tribulation for the first time, under the terrible pressure, it seemed that an invisible big hand would crush him to the ground.

Ye Longtian also knelt to the ground…


He finally knows what kind of peerless artifact the brother is putting in front of…

this, this…

completely invincible!

Ye Qingtian and others outside were still waiting.

five minutes!

No one came out.

For ten minutes, no one came out.

They were already anxious, looking at each other, doubts flashed in their eyes.

“Don’t worry, I believe that smart people make smart judgments!”

Ye Qingtian felt calm.

twenty minutes.

Someone could not help but rushed in.

But Ye Qingtian said, “It’s okay, wait a while! Levi Garrison, this is your last chance to redeem yourself! I gave the opportunity, and it depends on whether you can grasp it…”

“Well, just give this kid one last chance! I hope he can wake up and quickly come out and kneel to meet us!”

Everyone in the Garrison Clan is still dreaming, waiting for Levi Garrison to greet us.

But half an hour passed quickly, and no one came out.

Now, everyone can’t wait any longer.

One by one, his complexion turned red, and he was extremely angry.

This is a humiliation they have never experienced before, and there are people who don’t give them face.

Still a junior of the Garrison Clan!

Isn’t this looking for death?

“Levi Garrison’s opportunity has already been given to you! This is what you asked for! We will never spare you!”

“Go, rush in! I want to see Levi Garrison’s few jins…”

In Ye Qingtian Under the leadership of Garrison Clan, the senior officials of the Garrison Clan entered the villa in unison.

One enters the villa.

Everyone saw Ye Zhantian who were kneeling on the ground.

They are getting more and more angry!

“Shame! You are the shame of the Garrison Clan!”

“Ye Zhantian, you actually kneel down to a junior! You are really the biggest shame of the Garrison family! Are you ashamed?”

Ye Fengtian and the others shouted.

They were full of anger, and their blood surged and exploded with anger. At this time, Levi Garrison smiled, “Don’t worry, you will kneel as well!”


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