The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2519


It was shocking!

Even though Ye Zhantian knew that all the masters of the Garrison Clan added up to be no match for Levi Garrison!

But who would have thought it would be so miserable?

Don’t say it was a fight with Levi Garrison.

No one can stop the coercion of this sword!

What’s more, the breath and energy of this sword have not been fully released…

maybe it is one percent, or even less than one thousandth…

this sword will overwhelm everything!

Not even this sword can survive.

Let alone move his master!

Not qualified at all!

How strong is Levi Garrison?


He could control this sword anyway…



Under the pressure of this sword, everyone could clearly hear the sound of bone cracking.

Especially the organs in Ye Qingtian’s body were greatly shattered…At

this moment, it was not Mount Tai that everyone was carrying.

It’s the collapsed sky…

Everyone has really reached a critical point. If there is more pressure, everyone’s body will probably explode! ! !

Everyone’s face is full of horror, and their eyes are full of unbelievable! ! !


too strong!

Levi Garrison is the strongest person they have ever seen!

none of them! ! !

They finally understood everything Ye Zhantian said…

It’s all true!

Even more exaggerated than Ye Zhantian said!

They don’t even talk about dealing with Levi Garrison, even his sword can’t deal with it!

No wonder Ye Zhantian, who is known as the killing god, is so proud and so arrogant that no one takes it seriously!

I was scared like that…

everything is for a reason!

After seeing Levi Garrison, they understood everything!

Understand why Ye Zhantian wants to let Levi Garrison return to the Garrison Clan at all costs!

He even gave him the position of patriarch… to be


This time is completely honest!

This group of ancestors of the Garrison Clan, one by one, like children who did wrong, kneeled in front of Levi Garrison obediently.

“Now? Is it awesome? Are you still arrogant?”

Levi Garrison asked.


Everyone was silent.

They even lowered their heads, not daring to look at Levi Garrison!

“What do you want to say? Is he deaf or dumb?”

Levi Garrison suddenly raised his tone and shouted.


everyone said in horror.

“Well, I like this tone! Keep it up!”

Levi Garrison nodded in satisfaction.


okay to negotiate with him, but you have to kneel and talk… “Let’s go, are you considering the conditions I said?”

Levi Garrison asked.

“Conditions? What conditions?”

Most people did not react.

Ye Zhantian immediately reminded, “If you want this one to return to the Garrison Clan! You must hand over the power of the Garrison Clan to him!!!”

Ye Zhantian reminded everyone immediately.

Ye Qingtian’s complexion changed drastically, and it was as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

The Garrison Clan has never been threatened by anyone, and such a thing has never happened.

The ancient Garrison Clan has always been aloof, no one accepts except for the sky above him!

In particular, it is even more impossible to hand over the position of the patriarch of the ancient Garrison Clan!

This is a shame to the ancient Garrison Clan!

But what should we do about this situation now?

Ye Qingtian deserves to be the patriarch. He immediately returned to normal. He couldn’t help saying, “Jun’s Landing! We haven’t considered this matter! After all, it’s a matter of great importance and we need to negotiate and decide! It’s not something that someone can decide!”

Ye Fengtian and the others immediately. He echoed “Yes! We need everyone’s agreement! It can be finalized!”

“When we go back, we will discuss clearly, and give you another answer!”

Levi Garrison looked at them with a smile.

But the next moment, Levi Garrison’s complexion changed suddenly, and he roared, “I didn’t discuss it clearly! What are you doing here? If you can’t make up a perfect reason, don’t even want to leave!!!” Levi Garrison suddenly became angry and smashed everyone. Scared.


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