The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2520

Everyone was sweating profusely and almost suffocated.

They didn’t come to discuss with Levi Garrison at all, they wanted to use force to take down Levi Garrison.

“I…we…we are here to discuss!”

“I think! As long as you return to the ancient Garrison Clan! It is the best choice to hand the ancient Garrison Clan over to you!!!”

Ye Qingtian Suddenly the conversation turned around.

Ye Fengtian also agreed, “Yes! The patriarch must be the strongest. You are so young, and you probably have a lot of potential! You are in charge of the Garrison Clan, not only sweeping everything now, but also in the future!”

Ye Qingtian “Well, I agree. Levi  is the master of the ancient Garrison Clan!”

Ye Wangtian “I have no objection!”

“We agree too!”

Ye Zhantian and Ye Longtian also immediately agreed.

“I agree too!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Everyone here agreed one by one!

In any case, they dare not say a “no” at this time!

Besides, Levi Garrison is so strong, who would dare to oppose Garrison Clan in charge?

Not to mention being strong, but so young.

It must be better than Ye Qingtian to be the master of the house!

“Since you have agreed to this condition! Then I will reluctantly agree! From now on, I will be the master of the Garrison Clan! The Garrison Clan and all the Garrison Clan must listen to me!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Meet the Patriarch!!!”

“Meet the Patriarch!!!”

Everyone kowtows at Levi Garrison, no one dares to say anything else…

“You may not know the personality of my Levi Garrison, who asked me to join, and in the end I became the helm! For example, the Bible Organization! I have been wooing me since before. Now, I am the God of Darkness…

and Maya Industry. Cooperate with me and want to control me and kill me. Now Maya Industry is mine too!”

Levi Garrison sneered.


Everyone gasped.

The ancient Garrison Clan knew about the Bible Organization and Mayan Industry, and they were two forces that were a little afraid of them except for the Chotian Ce Mansion.

Levi Garrison’s meaning is very simple, let them understand that you are not the first to be like this!

“Where are the tokens of the Patriarch of the Ancient Clan of the Garrison family? Give me all the most confidential things, including exercises and ancient prescriptions…”

Since he wants to be in charge, Levi Garrison needs to be the most comprehensive!

At the same time, Levi Garrison took the divine calamity back.

The pressure on everyone is instantly relieved!

Everyone stood up one after another.

Ye Qingtian stepped forward and handed a palm-sized jade seal to Levi Garrison.

“Master, which is the ancient tribe of Tianyin Yip! It can come up with the disposal of anyone Yip ancient tribe and leaves the family! There it will be able to recognize the identity of your home Lord!”

“At the same time, each step down before any master of the house, will put Half of his own power is poured into it! The Sky Seal can also be used as an artifact! The power is unprecedented! No one can match!”

Ye Qingtian explained.

Levi Garrison grabbed the Heavenly Seal, and he smiled, “Unparalleled in the past? No one can rival?” To

put it bluntly , the Heavenly Seal is similar to the crystals of “God” power gathered in his hand.

But by comparison, even in front of one-fifth power crystals, this Tianyin couldn’t even be compared with the younger brother.

It’s too weak…

and half the power of each Patriarch…

He can easily squeeze it and explode…The

Heaven Seal is here, and it will not become the Garrison Clan’s biggest hole card artifact.

It was a status symbol…

Ye Qingtian and others told Levi Garrison all the things about the Garrison Clan.

They also handed in these exercises…

Although they don’t know what Levi Garrison is going to do…

but they know that with Levi Garrison’s strength, they will definitely be inferior to these exercises… In

about an hour, Levi Garrison has a good grasp of the Garrison family. The situation of the ancients.

The ancient Garrison Clan is very strong!

In the future, it will definitely be a great help for Levi Garrison!

“The Patriarch, what should we do next?” Ye Qingtian asked.


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