The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2521

There is one thing to inform you-except for you, there is no need to reveal the identity of my Patriarch to others! So as not to disturb my plan!”

Levi Garrison said.

Because I don’t know the specific situation of the enemy.

Therefore, Levi Garrison could only accumulate strength quietly to prepare for emergencies.

It is not yet possible to reveal his identity as the Lord of the Garrison Clan.

So as not to let the “enemy” know.

Make corresponding targeting…


Everyone nodded in unison.

“You go back first! When I have time, I personally go to the ancient Garrison Clan once! By the way, take Levilia back to see!”

Levi Garrison said.

Ye Qingtian and the others nodded in unison, “Understood!” At

this time, they no longer entangled with Levi Garrison’s hatred, but looked forward to the bright future of the Garrison Clan!

There is such a strong Levi Garrison and an eternally talented Levilia to join.

It’s hard for the Garrison Clan to not want to rise!

After everyone left.

Plum dyed them back.

“How’s the talk?”

Zoey asked with concern.

“Well, I have joined the ancient Garrison Clan! Including Levilia!”

Levi Garrison said.

“That’s really good… I’m sure there will be less disputes in the future! At least Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian dare not target you. You can even say that the Garrison family will be your backer in the future…”

Zoey’s face was full of smiles.

In this way, the big problem of her headache was finally solved.

Several people in Azure Dragon (Qinglong) sighed, “Hey, things are impermanent! I want the boss to step on the Garrison family and throw him into hell! Unexpectedly, after a few years, he joined the Garrison family. The Garrison family became the backer of the boss… It’s really embarrassing. “…”

“Therefore, there is no absolute in everything… Only by bending and stretching can you become a big cause…”

In their opinion, Levi Garrison had succumbed to the former enemy.

This is actually a very humiliating thing!

It is a shame for those who are rather unyielding!

They are not ashamed to explain directly, they can only say that they can bend and stretch.

In fact, this is a shameful practice!

I would rather die than succumb to the Garrison family!

Not afraid of death, or what the Garrison family would do…

Even they were ready to regard death as home , but Levi Garrison gave in.

This is not the boss they knew…

Could it be that the boss had to bow

his head for the sake of reality… I don’t want his wife and children to suffer, and I don’t want this group of brothers to die!


Everyone began to think about Levi Garrison in the past!

What a beauty that is!

If the Garrison family was forced to join in this way, I’m afraid it would have started early.

Now I can only swallow my breath and join in…


Times have changed!

People have also changed!

The edges and corners are smoothed!

Levi Garrison joined the Garrison Clan that they didn’t expect anyway… But how did

they know that Levi Garrison was not actually joining, but taking over!

Levi Garrison smiled and said, “From now on, Levilia will be the little princess of the Garrison Clan!”

“That’s for sure! With Levilia’s talent, aren’t all the little princesses going everywhere?”

Zoey subconsciously said.

But how did she understand what Levi Garrison meant.

What he meant was that he was the Patriarch, Levilia was his daughter, and naturally the little princess.

“By the way, you joined the Garrison Clan, Ye Lingtian of the Beijing Garrison Clan, and Ye Wudao do they know?”

Zoey suddenly thought of this question.

In fact, the Garrison Clan directed against Levi Garrison and it was Ye Wudao’s provocation.

The true ancient Garrison Clan are all on top, so how can they bend down to deal with Levi Garrison!

To resolve the crisis, these people must be resolved.

“They? Are they still recovering? I don’t know!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Well, now you start to go to the capital immediately with me!”

Zoey urged.

“Ah? What are you going to do in the capital?”

Levi Garrison was stunned.

Everyone is a little confused. “Of course I went to tell the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng, tell Ye Wudao that they have joined the Garrison Clan! You are not allowed to bully you in the future!”


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