The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2522

Zoey urgently wanted everyone to know that Levi Garrison had joined the Garrison Clan.

Especially Ye Wudao few people.

“Yes, my sister-in-law is right! Let them all know that the boss is already a member of the Garrison Clan!”

“Hey, in this case! Then you can only rely on the name of the Garrison Clan to protect the boss…”

Since Levi Garrison has joined in with the humiliation. Garrison Clan, they are not good to say anything.

“Well then, let’s go to the capital!”

Levi Garrison agreed, he was mainly afraid of trouble.

It will be annoying to be harassed by Ye Wudao again in the future.

It’s better to tell them to join the Garrison Clan to avoid trouble.

Everyone immediately set off for the capital.

Among the Garrison Clan in Beijing, Ye Qingtian and the others just came back.

This group of ancestors sent out, but Ye Wudao and the others were shocked.

What happened during the time they were in a coma?

Even the Patriarch and them are here?

The entire group of elders gathered…

The top leaders of the Garrison Clan are here…


“What’s wrong?”

Ye Wudao stood up under Ye Zhantian’s treatment.

“If you shouldn’t inquire, don’t inquire…”

Ye Zhantian said irritably.

Thinking of Levi Garrison’s advice, everyone still didn’t speak.

But before everyone’s butts were hot, Levi Garrison and Zoey came.

After Levi Garrison arrived, he directly shouted, “Come and gather from the Garrison Clan in Beijing, I have something to announce!”

Everyone was stunned.

Is Levi Garrison so arrogant?

Dare to bring it to the door by yourself?

Seeing Levi Garrison, Ye Zhantian wittily took everyone to the detached courtyard where he lived.

he is very smart.

Knowing that if Levi Garrison had something to do, he would definitely notify them, no, order them.

It must have nothing to do with them now…

Ye Wudaozhi and his ilk saw this group of ancestors leave.

They all smiled. “A Levi Garrison wants to see the ancestor of the ancient Garrison Clan? He is not qualified! Did you see it?”

“Why did you come, Levi Garrison ? ” Ye Wudao


The Garrison family stared at Levi Garrison vigilantly.

“Let me do it!”

Everyone, please put away your hostility! We are not here to fight! We have something to announce!” Zoey said, before everyone put away their weapons and tried to kill.

“Ladies and gentlemen, announced it! My husband leaves the monarchs and their daughter Levi -Jun has joined the race! The future is a leaf of the family! Also please a lot of care!”

Language does not startle.

Zoey said this.

Everyone was stunned.

“What? Levi Garrison joined the Garrison Clan?”

“When did we know what happened?”

“Impossible! We don’t know. Why did you say that Levi Garrison joined the Garrison Clan? Who admits it? “

Ye Lingtian questioned.

“It was the ancestors who recognized it! They let Levi Garrison join the Garrison Clan!” At

this time, a person hurried over, and he was here to convey Ye Zhantian’s meaning.

“Huh? Ye’s ancient clan recognized it?”

Now, everyone has nothing to say.

Ye Lingtian was stunned.

Ye Wudao had nothing to say.

Although he is the number one genius, he is not in charge.

“How come Levi Garrison and other criminals who are rebellious to join the Garrison Clan?”

Everyone was a little puzzled.

“I see! It must be the ancestors who want to draw his daughter in! Letting him join is actually an additional condition!”

Ye Wudao suddenly exclaimed.

“Yes, that’s right! The child Levilia has to stay in the Tiance Mansion! In fact, the ancestors have nothing to do! It is difficult to bring Levilia back! If there is such a perfect solution, why not do it?”

“The only price It is to let Levi Garrison join the Garrison Clan to eliminate the heinous crimes he committed before! This is not a price to the ancestors, and it is not a condition!”

Ye Lingtian analyzed. Ye Wudao rejoiced, “Levi Garrison is so smart, using his daughter to resolve his hatred with us!”


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