The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2523

“Levi Garrison Tiance Mansion and many people say that you are a tool for childbirth! It seems right!”

“You actually used your daughter to eliminate hatred, and joined the Garrison Clan you dreamed of!”

“I finally know you. How treacherous, I didn’t make such a condition before! It was not until all the ancestors of the ancient Garrison Clan came to talk about joining! In this way, they have a more right to speak!”

The Garrison Clan and Zoey present. , Azure Dragon (Qinglong), they all agreed.

The reason why Levi Garrison was able to join the Garrison Clan.

That’s because Levi Garrison used Levilia as a condition to negotiate with the Garrison Clan.

If he joins, Levilia will naturally become a member of the Garrison Clan!

Does the ancient Garrison Clan have any reason not to agree?

Ye Wudao looked at Levi Garrison and said, “To tell the truth! You have been waiting for Levi Garrison for a long, long time! Joining the ancient Garrison Clan, it is a matter of supreme glory!”

“Count you smart! Now you are a member of the Garrison Clan, We really can’t move you! Next, pray that you don’t violate the clan rules, or you will be punished as well!”

Levi Garrison smiled.

Don’t say he violated the clan rules, even if he tore the clan rules.

Who dares to condemn him?

Ye Qingtian?

Do you dare to lend him ten thousand courage? At this time Ye Lingtian said, “Levi Garrison, since you have joined the Garrison Clan! That is the blood of the Garrison Clan! Whether in public or private, my blood is flowing through you! I am your father! Hurry up and kneel down and kowtow to me and call my father. I will

recognize your son’s identity!”

Ye Kuanglan said several people, “Well, now that you have joined the Garrison Clan! The ceremony of acknowledging the ancestors and returning to the ancestors is still necessary! Kowtowing the tea and changing the name is indispensable! You have to call me! grandfather!”

Ye Wudao was reminded, and he immediately said, “I can say that the Garrison Clan is a top-ranked clan! I didn’t want to enter! A ceremony of joining the clan must be held! You have the recognition of your elders! Only then can you truly recognize your identity as a Garrison Clan! “

It is certainly not appropriate for the ancestors to personally recognize you as a member of the Garrison Clan! You are far from qualified! In that case, let us come! According to my seniority, I am still a young ancestor! I will preside over the ceremony of joining the clan… … “

Ye Ling-day, who immediately echoed,” Yes! it was presided over by Xiao Zu! elect nine elders involved! ” “

By the time the leaves monarchs to nine elders bowed salute, offer tea to the call! recognized nine elders considered the Clan!”

“I’ve forgotten it, tomorrow will be a good day! Tomorrow morning the ceremony of joining the clan will be held!”

Ye Wudao nodded, “Well,

yes, yes ! Then it’s set!” He even looked at Levi Garrison and smiled.” Levi Garrison, how about you join the clan? I’m your elder! Will you call your ancestor if you don’t see me?”

“Come on, call ancestor, let me listen?”

Ye Wudao’s ears moved to Levi ‘s presence.

“Don’t force me to slap you! He slaps you and you are seriously injured, and I slaps you to death!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

Ye Wudao knew about Levi Garrison fanning him in Ti Ye Zhan Tian.

This sentence instantly angered Ye Wudao, and he said coldly, “If you don’t call my ancestor today, this is not over!”

“Yes! You must call your ancestor! Otherwise, you can’t enter the clan ceremony! We don’t recognize you as a Garrison Clan member! “

Everyone became tough.

But he didn’t see that Levi Garrison was already angry.

He was about to lift up his slap and slap it down fiercely.

Zoey knew what would happen if this slap was taken…

He quickly stopped Levi Garrison and pushed him aside.


With this push, several ancient books fell to the ground on Levi Garrison’s body.

Everyone looked around.

Ye Wudao subconsciously bent over and picked up a copy of “Basic Garrison Clan Practice?”

“This is also the Garrison Clan’s practice!”

“This is the same!” “Hahaha… Levi Garrison, you even hid me Ye The supreme clan practice!”


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