The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2525

“Okay, then we are ready to join the clan ceremony! It will be held tomorrow!”

Ye Wudao smiled at Levi Garrison, “Don’t be arrogant, this ancestor is your decision!”

They all left.

In fact, Ye Zhantian of the Independent House knew everything.

“Levi Garrison, your temper is still igniting! People have to bow their heads under the eaves!”

“You surrender to the Garrison Clan, it is equivalent to kneeling, and now you want to stand and eat, it’s impossible!”

“You Only keep forbearing, keep kneeling…until the day when you become stronger and stand up on your own…”

Zoey said.

Others’ voices were also cold and indifferent, “Since I chose to surrender, I will bear the humiliation honestly! I think about it, and I want to take it again!”

They don’t want to call the name directly, which probably means setting up a memorial arch…

Levi Garrison is really embarrassed. .

Laozi is in charge of the ancient Garrison Clan, okay?

Not to join!

It is a direct takeover!

Is he still kneeling?

He dared to kneel, but who can bear this group of people?

Zoey contacted Levilia on the same day and took him back from Tiance Mansion.

It was the next day in a blink of an eye.

“This is something within your Garrison Clan, we outsiders are not suitable to participate! Let’s leave!”

Zoey said actively.

She left the Garrison family house with everyone.

She was afraid that staying here would embarrass Levi Garrison and embarrass him.

After all, Levi Garrison wanted to kneel down for so many people, and he was once his enemy.

At this most humiliating moment, Levi Garrison definitely doesn’t want people he knows to see…

Therefore, Zoey immediately took people away.


Ye Wudao looked dumbfounded.

He wanted Levi Garrison to lose face in front of this group of people, but now he has all gone.

And the reason is particularly good-it is not the Ye people.

He could not refute it yet.

But this is all secondary.

The important thing is that Levi Garrison, a stubborn guy, will kneel in front of him and call his ancestors…

it’s cool to think about it!

What a proud fellow Levi Garrison is!

Known all over the world!

Let him kneel and kowtow to call ancestors!

This is something to brag about!

The ceremony of joining the tribe was held in the ancestral hall of the Ye tribe in Beijing.

There are four chairs next to the hall of the ancestral hall, and one chair in the middle.

This belongs to the nine elders!

The middle position belongs to Ye Wudao!

He is a young ancestor, the highest standing!

The next seat belongs to Ye Lingtian and the others.

Elect eight elders to accept Levi Garrison’s salute!

Soon, everyone gathered.

Ye Wudao didn’t sit down, but stood at the door and waited.

“Where is Levi Garrison? Hasn’t he come yet?”

Ye Wudao looked around.

Another half hour passed.

Levi Garrison came slowly with Levilia.

Levi Garrison even had a steamed bun in his hand, where to eat it…

He seemed to regard the ceremony of joining the clan as a matter of fact.

“Levi Garrison, what are you doing? The clan ceremony! This is the clan ceremony! You are late!”

“Twenty full minutes!”

“Do you want to join the Garrison Clan? Just say it if you don’t want to join! I thought you were. Kuaibao! I can’t leave you!”

Ye Wudao roared wildly.

Everyone else looked at Levi Garrison in disgust.

Was he late for such an important moment?

Sin is unforgivable! ! !

This is not putting them in the eyes

at all … Everyone has already thought about it after looking at Levi Garrison.

The initiation ceremony must make things difficult for him later…

Set rules for him!

“Oh, late? I went to bed a little late, what’s the matter?”

Levi Garrison sneered.

“You still dare to be confident? How could I still give birth to you? I don’t dare to say that you have my blood in the Garrison Clan!”

Ye Lingtian said angrily.

Levi Garrison ignored him, but walked straight into the hall of the ancestral hall.

Sit directly in the center of Ye Wudao’s chair. He cocked Erlang’s legs and looked at everyone, “Shall we start?”


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