The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2527

Why are they all kneeling on the ground!

What are they doing?

Hundreds of Garrison Clan in Beijing actually knelt in front of the ancestral hall.

There are even people kneeling in the hall of the ancestral hall!

What is this for?

“Is it worshipping the ancestors? Visiting the ancestral hall?”

Someone wondered.

“Look inside!”

Xiao Feng exclaimed.

Everyone looked over.

I saw one person sitting in the middle of the ancestral hall-Levi Garrison.

Next to him stood a bewildered Levilia.

Looking at it from this angle, it was as if everyone was bowing to Levi Garrison! ! !

How is this going?

Why did they kneel down for Levi Garrison?

I can’t imagine it because of emotion or reason!

These people who kneel down are all taller than Levi Garrison!

Even Ye Lingtian wouldn’t kneel down to Levi Garrison… I

can’t figure it out, I really can’t figure it out!

It doesn’t make sense!

No reason for them to kneel to Levi Garrison!

“Boom!” In the

next moment, a series of majestic breaths hit.

Ye Qingtian and the others appeared…

a coercion that obscured the sky and the sun struck, causing Zoey and the others to kneel and worship.

“Is this the ancestors of the ancient Garrison Clan?” This

is the first time they have seen so many terrifying things!

It is equivalent to a bunch of killer gods!

To be weak is not a bit weak!

At this moment, everyone understands that God List is a fart!

Just picking out a few of these people will be able to chop the god list alive.

too frightening!

“I understand, they must be kneeling because of these old ancestors!”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) said.

Everyone nodded and agreed.

Because there is really

no reason why these people gave Levi Garrison to kneel…The people haven’t arrived yet, Ye Zhantian roared, “You want to be drawn by me again, right?”

Seeing Ye Qingtian and others walking, especially watching. Ye Zhantian looked angry.

Ye Wudao was scared to cry.

“Patriarch! Uncle, I was wrong! It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t be in charge! The Garrison Clan hasn’t yet my turn to be the master! Everything is my fault!”

Ye Wudao immediately apologized.

“And we were also wrong…”

“The matter of Levi ‘s entry into the clan was decided by your ancestors! But we set up a ceremony of entering the clan to deliberately make things difficult for him!”

“When are we qualified to make claims? Especially? Did the ancestor decide something?”

“We are guilty! We are guilty!”


They began to slap themselves fiercely.

In particular, Ye Lingtian had their faces smashed in order to express their attitude.

They all thought that Ye Qingtian let them kneel down, and blamed them for making their own way, and throwing aside the decision made by the ancestors, and they held the ceremony of joining the clan by themselves.

It’s another act of Yue Chu on behalf of Pao!

Do things beyond your status and responsibilities!

Just as Ye Zhantian went to deal with Levi Garrison not long ago, they didn’t know their status, they decided to let Ye Zhantian deal with Levi Garrison…

Ye Wudao also thinks so… The

fault can only be this…

And this time it’s worse than before!

In front of him was Ye Zhantian, now Ye Qingtian and even the entire Garrison Clan!

After Ye Qingtian’s group arrived, they stared at Ye Wudao, “Well, you are indeed wrong! And

you are so wrong!” “In the Garrison Clan, you have a voice? What right do you have to influence the Garrison Clan’s affairs? “

Especially in front of the Lord of the Ancient Garrison Clan, what qualifications do

you have ?” Hearing Ye Qingtian’s reprimand, everyone was trembling.

But they all understood it wrong.

The head of the ancient Garrison family is Levi Garrison!

“We were wrong! Ask the Patriarch to punish!”

“We were wrong…”

Ye Wudao did not admit their mistakes, and accepted all punishments.

In this situation, you can only admit your mistakes, and this is the only way. Ye Qingtian shouted, “Okay! Then I will announce the punishment when I choose…”


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