The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2528

As for the punishment Ye Wudao can think of, it is nothing more than the few rules of the family.

Put him in confinement for up to three years!

It’s too simple…

but it was the first time Ye Qingtian and the others were punished.

A little nervous.

“The punishment is from now on, Ye Wudao, Ye Lingtian… These nine people are expelled from the Garrison Clan! They have nothing to do with the Garrison Clan!”

“As long as we find that you play the banner of the Garrison Clan again, then kill Wuxian. !”


When Ye Qingtian announced the decision, the audience was silent.

No one thought that the punishment turned out to be this…

directly expelled Ye Wudao and others from the Garrison Clan!


Ye Lingtian was stunned.

Ye Wudao was stunned.

Even others, such as Zoey, were stunned.


Because of this incident, the first day of the ancient Garrison family was expelled from the family!

Is it too sloppy?

If only Ye Lingtian and them were expelled, everyone would understand.

This group of people violated the Garrison Clan’s majesty and deserves heavy punishment.

But adding Ye Wudao, everyone doesn’t understand.

At this time, Ye Wudao, Ye Lingtian and their minds came to mind what Levi Garrison said before-I did not come to participate in the clan ceremony, but the clan removal ceremony. Someone will be expelled from the clan?

How did he know?



It’s all Levi Garrison’s conspiracy!

I don’t know what ecstasy soup he poured into this group of ancestors!


Ye Wudao especially wants to know why?

He was dumbfounded!

This kind of mistake is not even called a mistake, it’s just embarrassing Xia Levi Garrison.

Did not desecrate the authority of the Garrison Clan…

The ancestors who stood in front of the key point loved him the most…

Especially Ye Qingtian, who cultivated him as a generation!

As a result, he made such a decision for Levi Garrison?

“Why is the Patriarch?”

“Why is Master?”

“Why is Uncle?”

Ye Wudao looked at the familiar faces and asked why in confusion…

“How can there be so many whys! Violating the family rules! You should be subjected to it.” Punishment! You have been expelled from the Garrison Clan! You are not from the Garrison Clan anymore, get out of here!”

Ye Qingtian said angrily.

Even his master Ye Longtian expelled, “Hurry up! It’s good to leave you a life!”

Ye Wudao slowly stood up and looked at Ye Qingtian. “Excuse me, Patriarch, expel me from the clan, yes Who specifically violated the house rules? Say it, I am convinced!”

Ye Wudao is very smart, knowing that there is no such rule in the house rules.

Intentionally let Ye Qingtian speak out.

Ye Qingtian was happy, “Sorry, I added it! I ask you, does the Lord of the ancient Garrison Clan have the right to change or add clan rules?”



everyone shouted.

Now Ye Wudao had nothing to say.

“Okay, I admit it! You have this child as the cornerstone of the future, so you are willing to give up on me, right? Okay! I’m leaving! There is a day you regret!”

“Levi Garrison, you wait! I will keep this account. Right!”

Ye Wudao sneered.

In their opinion, it was definitely Levi Garrison who forced the patriarch to expel himself from the family based on the monarch.

Because of Levilia’s talent and potential, he could definitely be the future of Garrison family.

Then it’s the same whether he needs it or not.

Ye Lingtian followed Ye Wudao and left the Garrison Clan in a daze.

“Hey! Do it yourself! Disciple! Who made you offend someone you shouldn’t offend!”

Ye Longtian looked at him reluctantly.

Ye Qingtian looked cold, “Whoever dared to do anything against the patriarch in the future will end up like this!”

walking on the streets of the capital.

Ye Wudao and his party were lost.

“Little ancestor, where are we going now? We listen to you!”

Ye Lingtian asked.

“If you want the Garrison family to regret, we can only make ourselves stronger! We have to take refuge in the big forces!”

Ye Wudao said. He and Ye Lingtian looked at each other, “Relying on the Bible Organization to find the God of Darkness!!!”


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