The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2529

“Huh? The Bible Organization?”

Ye Kuanglan and others looked surprised.

Join another organization just after leaving?

“Today’s affairs are inseparable from Levi Garrison! I must make Levi Garrison pay a painful price!!!”

Ye Wudao was really trembling with anger, and his hatred for Levi Garrison reached its maximum.

It may have been that Levi Garrison was arrogant in the past.

But now I really have an unshakable hatred with Levi Garrison!

At least in his opinion, such a great hatred! “And the ancient Garrison family! How much did I pay for them? When I was the first genius in the family! Everyone pampered me and loved me! Now there is a more promising one, just kick us. It’s open… Garrison family, you will regret it


“When I am very strong in my cultivation, you will know what a talent is! What is a crushing! That kid can be crushed with one finger!

I will Let everyone in the Garrison Clan understand that expelling me from the Garrison Clan is the worst thing they have done in their lives!”

Ye Wudao shouted up to the sky.

Ye Lingtian also agreed, “Yes, that’s it! Make them regret it!”

“But the best way to make them regret is strength! With unmatched strength, you can make the Garrison Clan regret it! Then, we need to join the big power! “

understand all this vitality and leaves few people asked,” why is the Bible that the organization does? big summer there are a lot of big forces! “

they used to be in the big summer, and this case was expelled from the race, struggling to go outside.

“Because the biblical organization is so powerful, the Dark God in particular is even more outrageous! Everyone says that the God of Heaven has won the Dark God, but as far as I know, it is not the case! It is the Dark God who won!

And Levilia and several of her masters mysteriously disappeared in the West. In fact, they encountered an extremely powerful existence, and they were saved by the God of Darkness alone! “

That’s why we are the only choice to seek refuge in the God of Darkness!” If I worship the dark god as a disciple, I can reach the peak in a very short time! “

Ye Wudao said.

“Well, leave for the Bible Organization immediately!” “

Ye Lingtian nodded.

Both of them looked like heroes and thought about the same thing. The

two went straight overseas.

Among the Garrison Clan.

Zoey and both of them were stunned.

Even after a long time, they were still shocked.

Garrison Clan He actually expelled Ye Wudao from the clan… It

’s incredible.

That’s the first genius of the Garrison Clan . If he says to expel him, he is expelled?

“I have to say that the master still has the means. Make such a decision! “

Xiao Feng exclaimed. The

Sword Evil God nodded, “Yes!” He should use Levilia as a tool to design and challenge Garrison Clan and Ye Wudao! “Azure Dragon (Qinglong) Kirin ( Qilin ), they all smiled, “Well! You, to be exact, we all underestimate the boss! In addition to the use of force, his strategy is also unique! Familiar with all kinds of warfare, all kinds of conspiracy and tricks! In those days on the battlefield, the

enemy was often defeated by tactics and soldiers, without a single pawn! “

Although this ancient Garrison Clan is powerful, according to strategy, the boss is their ancestor!” Design it casually, and part of their family will fall apart! The design allows Ye Wudao to leave. It is simply too simple…”

“Especially with Levilia as a bargaining chip, it is easy to grasp the entire Garrison Clan! “

Because it was something within the Garrison Clan, Zoey and the others had to leave.

He also took Levilia away.

After all, the ceremony of joining the clan Sun was held.

At this time, Levi Garrison was still sitting in the ancestral hall.

“Levi Garrison, you are presumptuous! Do you still dare to sit?” It

was Ye Mingchen who Ye Wudao brought out at the beginning.

Also a Garrison Clan genius!

“Pop!” Ye Qingtian, who was next to him, suddenly slapped him away.


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