The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2531

At the moment when they saw “Dark God”, Ye Wudao and the two were excited.

“Dark God, I am willing to worship you as a teacher! As long as you are willing to accept us as disciples, I am willing to pay all the price!”

Ye Wudao said directly.

Levi Garrison was happy, and wanted to know what price he had to pay.

“Huh? How to say?”

Dark God asked.

“As long as you accept me as a disciple! I am willing to Yip ancient tribe of exercises, mixing drugs law, all of these methods offer the mixing device! Unreserved! This is the most ancient family Yip, I promise!”

Leaf Wudao’s eyes were full of madness.

In order to join the Bible organization, he turned over all the most supreme core techniques of the ancient Ye clan.

It shows his determination and sincerity!


Levi Garrison smiled.

This Ye Wudao is indeed crazy!

And Ye Lingtian also had scarlet eyes, that was a desire for super strength!

In order to become stronger, these two people really do everything.

They will do everything crazy.

“The supreme technique of the ancient Ye family? If this is spread out, I am afraid that the whole world will be mad! That scene is no less than when the Heavenly Sword came out…”

Levi Garrison smiled.

“Yes, yes! This is the supreme technique of the ancient Ye clan! When you reach the extreme level, you can fight against the Great Summer Cebu!”

Ye Wudao said immediately after being recognized.


But at this moment, Levi Garrison suddenly burst into a terrible air current, forcibly pushing everyone out for tens of meters.

A scorching breath blasted the audience.

Like a scorching sun…

The breath rushed to the body, tearing human skin inch by inch like a blade.

What a terrible sun current!

It was like the aura from the Heavenly Sword back then.

Chunyang Zhenqi? ? ?

Ye Wudao was dumbfounded immediately.

Others may not recognize it.

He recognizes it!

This is the core technique of his ancient Ye clan!

Only the members of the ancient Ye clan can step on this journey by cultivating pure Yang Zhenqi.

In the future, all members of the ancient Ye clan will rely on pure Yang Zhenqi to practice various techniques and skills.

This is their core basic technique!

Family regulations-no one should disclose the core skills!

The pure Yang Zhenqi made by the dark god in front of us is extremely pure!

In other words, Ye Wudao had never seen such a pure pure Yang Zhenqi.

Not even Ye Qingtian and his like!

“You…how did you know my Ye Clan’s core practice?”

Ye Wudao asked inexplicably.

Ye Lingtian is very clever and has roughly guessed it.

Of course Levi Garrison will.

The ancient Ye clan had given everything to him.

Ye Wudao would like him.

Ye Wudao can’t, he can too!

“I can do a lot… Boom… clang…” At

this moment, Levi Garrison’s body suddenly turned golden, making a metal clash.

“What? King Kong is not bad for magic????”

Ye Wudao’s eyes were about to fly out.

How can this dark god do everything?

too frightening!

so horrible!

Never seen such a powerful person!

Now Ye Wudao’s mind is no longer about how Levi Garrison obtains the Ye Clan’s exercises and King Kong’s non-destructive magic.

He only knew he was right!

The Dark God is much stronger than them, and more powerful than the whole world imagined!

He is unfathomable!

All the world knows is the tip of the iceberg!

Ye Wudao excitedly yelled, “I knew you weren’t defeated by Tiance Shenshuai!”

“He? Too weak! Unbearable! I don’t bother to care about who beats me! No opponent in my eyes… …”

Levi Garrison said.

Both Ye Wudao are going crazy!

It’s crazy!

Isn’t it too powerful?

This is what they want! ! !

“Please accept us as disciples…”

“I can do whatever I want to go through fire and water…”

“Bang bang bang…” The two knelt on the ground, slamming their heads at Levi Garrison frantically.


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