The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2532

God’s will make people!

Levi Garrison sighed as he watched the two men kowtow.

It’s so amazing!

Marshal Tiance became his apprentice, and now Ye Wudao and Ye Lingtian are also begging to accept apprentices!

But this time is the occasion of employing people.

What’s more, Ye Wudao is very strong and determined.

You can use them for many things.

Accept disciples, yes!

Levi Garrison will also give them pointers and teach them something!

Let them improve in a short time and reach a height that outsiders can’t imagine!

No matter how good they are, Levi Garrison will firmly control them.

“Come on, tell me why you worship me as a teacher?”

Levi Garrison asked.

“We want to become stronger! We want the ancient Ye clan to know that they are wrong! I want them to regret!!!”

Ye Wudao shouted almost madly.

“Well, yes! Very real idea! I have accepted you as apprentices! And I will guide you and teach you the exercises. Let you take off! Get what you want as soon as possible!”

Levi Garrison looked at the evil spirit again, “Now we are Are there any larger forces that are left unattended?”

Levi Garrison knew that the Bible organization had too many forces.

His confidant is not enough to look after him.

“Even though the Maya industry is now under our control! There is no real caretaker! The people sent are not strong enough! Can’t achieve the effect of suppression…” The

evil god said.


When Ye Wudao heard that Maya Industry was also controlled by the Dark God, both of them went crazy.

Breathing is visibly rapid.

What kind of existence did they worship as their teacher?

But thinking of the strength of the Dark God, everything was relieved.


they even laughed wildly in their hearts.

They joined the strongest force in the world!

none of them!

Their master is even more invincible!

The name alone is enough for the Ye Clan to regret…

If their strength takes off again, it will be unimaginable!

“Being my apprentice, you have to do things for me! From now on, Maya industry will be under your secret control! Understand?”

Levi Garrison asked.

“Master, rest assured, we will make the best order!” the

two promised.

They are completely crazy.

In a disguised form, they are already the masters of Maya Industry.

Levi Garrison also believed that they would do a good job. Driven by their interests, Ye Wudao and the others might do better than Underworld God.

“In order for you to do things better, let me teach you two artifacts!”

Levi Garrison gave the artifacts brought by Forbidden Land No. 76 to the two of them.

They all got excited to death when they got the artifact.

This is more powerful than Ye Zhantian’s killing sword…

They have the urge to rush to Ye Clan Xiansha now…

After leaving here.

Levi Garrison went to Forbidden Land No. 76.

Mining here continues…

The resources in this place are too rich.

According to estimates, with the speed of the current mining team of the Bible Organization, it is estimated that the mining will not be completed for hundreds of years.

But Levi Garrison’s temporary focus is not here.

It’s fishing…

If according to his prediction, the Lab of the Gods still exists, it must be eyeing here.

After all, this was their forbidden place back then…

and even checked the identity of the “Dark God” over and over again.

They have no reason to give up here…

Levi Garrison deployed all the elites of the Bible organization here in Forbidden Area No. 76, which is called a net of heaven and earth.

Always staring at the forbidden area No. 76 and the surrounding changes.

“Is there anything unusual recently…”

Levi Garrison asked.

“Dark God, there is nothing unusual!”

Levi Garrison decided to observe it himself tonight.

Sometimes something is not observable by the machine.

In the dead of night, Levi Garrison was in the position of a secret whistle.

Almost all locations are covered.

There was no abnormality in the first half of the night. But in the middle of the night…


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