The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2533

The net under the arrangement of the sky and earth did not find anything.

everything is normal.

But Levi Garrison’s face changed.

Levi Garrison clearly felt the movement of the wind and grass.

Even if it is faint, it is smaller than the movement of a butterfly flapping its wings.

But nothing fell into Levi Garrison’s ears.

Now Levi Garrison’s consciousness has been swept away, and everything in the world is under his control.

He could feel even the worms in the deep forest crawling…

Levi Garrison could feel it when there were such weak energy fluctuations.

No wonder those modern instruments can’t find it.

Because the machine has scope, minimum and maximum.

Obviously, this weak energy fluctuation is not within the range of the machine.

So these days have passed, and everyone still hasn’t noticed at all.

Levi Garrison’s nets of heaven and earth are actually useless at all.

“I saw you…”

Levi Garrison locked a few figures at a glance.

To be precise, they are ghost-like figures…

Like the gods in Forbidden Land No. 76, their bodies can be completely hidden without a trace.

If it weren’t for Levi Garrison, they wouldn’t have been spotted at all.

First of all, they can control the body to emit almost no energy fluctuations.

Even the terrifying advanced machines or super masters of the new era can’t notice it.

In addition, their bodies are like ghosts… In

this way, the chance of finding them is almost zero!

Although Levi Garrison laid out the net, he found nothing.

This is also normal! ! !

Levi Garrison immediately leaned forward.

After being near.

Levi Garrison saw clearly.

The way this group of people hide their bodies is still different from that group of gods.

They are almost transparent, and they can’t see clearly in the dark…

Transparent? ? ?

Pure energy body! ! !

Levi Garrison immediately thought of Xu Zhengjie’s pure energy body!

Although Richard made a bunch of pure energy bodies later, they were all low-end versions.

No one is really close to Xu Zhengjie!

After all, that kind of super-energy particle was discovered by Xu Zhengjie naturally, and Richard and the others were artificially imitated and manufactured.

The power is different…

Levi Garrison has never seen what Xu Zhengjie’s pure energy body looks like…

But these figures in front of him are completely one level higher than the pure energy bodies of people like Li Songkui…

At least they are super strong!

In this era of the gods list is the first few levels!

Maybe they are really close to Xu Zhengjie!

And Levi Garrison was sure that these people were random spies, not really masters sent.

The real master is close to Xu Zhengjie, and even reaches the level of Xu Zhengjie directly!

Since it is a pure energy body, who else is there in this world?

The Lab of the Gods!

Levi Garrison is sure!

They are the people in the Lab of the Gods!


Levi Garrison became excited all at once!

The long-lost opponent finally appeared!

No one knows how he feels at the moment… It’s so

excited that it explodes…

Levi Garrison has always been in a state of invincible loneliness that is overwhelmingly high.

Now the opponent is finally here.

Can you not be excited?

Levi Garrison almost laughed out loud.

But he wants to know where the lair of these guys is.


There has been no movement, just quietly following them.

These ghost-like figures shuttled through the forbidden area No. 76, as if they were recording something…

Levi Garrison had not been alarmed.

Until dawn, these figures left.

Levi Garrison immediately followed.

He is bound to follow a few people to find the current lair of the Gods Laboratory… These

guys must be hiding somewhere.

Along the way, the speed of several figures was very fast.

However, Levi Garrison kept locked in their presence.

A few hours later.

Levi Garrison stopped with a look of surprise.

“Why are they here????? Shouldn’t they!”


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