The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2534

Because the place I came is Daxia!

Levi Garrison was so shocked.

These ghostly figures plunged into the territory of Daxia.

“No… they found me… deliberately led me to Daxia!”

Levi Garrison immediately wanted to understand.

If it is another location, it may really be the current lair of the Gods Laboratory.

But if it’s Daxia, it’s definitely not!

I deliberately guided myself!

Except for this reason, Levi Garrison couldn’t think of anything else.

He could only secretly sigh that the Gods’ Laboratory was really terrifying…

actually found himself.

It seems that these guys found themselves early in the morning.

Always guide myself to Daxia.

If you continue to track down, these people will definitely flee and will not gather together.

Levi Garrison immediately chased after him.

As expected, these people were dispersed after entering Daxia.

Several people fled in several directions…

Levi Garrison smiled.

Sure enough, as he expected.

This group of people discovered them long ago.

If you keep chasing it down, you won’t be able to find the lair.

Even catching a few people is useless.

After all, this group of people discovered him, and it is estimated that they have already taken countermeasures.

Levi Garrison tentatively pursued it in one direction.

This person actually ran to the capital…

and then disappeared…

“Sure enough, there are two boys, and I discovered myself early…”

Levi Garrison muttered to himself.

He thought that the other party had made a countermeasure to get away.

What Levi Garrison didn’t expect was that the other party didn’t find him.

With his current strength, how could someone discover him!

With these pure energy bodies, how could it be possible?

What he didn’t expect was that these people didn’t deliberately lead him to Daxia.

It’s that they wanted to go back to Daxia…

because their lair was in Daxia… The

so-called most dangerous place is the safest place… The

current lair of the Gods Laboratory is actually in Daxia!

This is something no one can think of!

After the Lab of the Gods was hidden, the Lair was built in Daxia…

Even if everyone knew that the Lab of the Gods still existed, they would not be able to find it.

As for entering Daxia, several people dispersed and went in different directions.

That’s because there is more than one lair in the laboratory of the gods.

If they are scattered.

If it’s exposed, it won’t be all exposed.

Only one place can be exposed.

It’s also convenient to do things…

Even Levi Garrison didn’t expect it… the

other party didn’t find him, and the lair was in Daxia.

They disappeared in the capital because they entered the nest of the capital…

If Levi Garrison pursued it a little more carefully, I was afraid that he would find out.

But who would have thought that Lao Lao was here…

Levi Garrison then returned to Jiangbei from the capital.

He is a little depressed.

I found the traces of the laboratory of the gods.

It is estimated that the Lab of the Gods will not go again.

Therefore, Levi Garrison never went to the forbidden area to guard No. 76 again…

As a result, in the middle of the night, a few ghostly figures appeared in the forbidden area on the No. 76, and they continued to explore the forbidden area.

They didn’t even know that Levi Garrison had discovered it long ago, so they continued to explore.

But Levi Garrison thought that he would startle the snake and continue to guard in the future.

After a period of exploration in the Lab of the Gods, many secrets have been discovered in Forbidden Land No. 76.

It’s just that Levi Garrison didn’t know all of this.

He thought these people wouldn’t dare to go…

he was just intensifying his efforts to explore everywhere!

A few days later.

A big event happened.

It can be called another revolution in the new era!

It is closely related to almost everyone!

After this matter came out!


The whole world is blown up!

Levi Garrison was also shocked after seeing this. “Isn’t it? Even the dark web came out?”


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