The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2535

Because this time, the dark web unites major institutions around the world to redefine the list of gods! ! !

A Conferred God Platform will be built on the top of the world, the top of the country’s first peak!

On the stage there will be a stone monument towering into the clouds and reaching a hundred meters long!

This is the closest place in the world to the sky!

Means to ascend to heaven and conviction!

So the stele is named Fengshen Bang!

Everyone on the list will have their names engraved on this stone tablet.

There are 1,000 places on the Fengshen list!

However, the Dark God ranks first in the list of conferred gods with a terrifying force! ! !

The four characters of Dark God were carved on the top of the stone tablet, and they were already submerged by clouds and fog, and they couldn’t be seen at all.

Means that it has reached the sky!

Now Shenbangqian are basically unfamiliar names, and they are all members of the ancient tribe who suddenly emerged. For example, Ye Qingtian and his ilk.

Or some hidden powerhouses in the West, some tribal powerhouses in the virgin forest.

There are members of the super ancients in Daxia, as well as the big powers in the West.

This time basically everyone can make the list!

Even the masters of Tiance and Levilia’s masters are also on the list!

In the past, the rule of the god list was that this person must have been shot, and the record must be analyzed comprehensively to be on the list.

No matter how good you are, you won’t be on the list.

But this time is different.

The dark web united with major organizations to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the power of all the strong people that can be unearthed from the world, and then rank them to decide whether to enter the god list!

As for the data and combat power of these powerhouses, they all belong to the dark web!

I have to say the power of the dark web!

In addition to the stele, there are ninety-nine steps in the Conferred God Terrace!

The names of a hundred people are engraved on each step!

These ninety-nine steps are the quasi god list!

From the first level to the ninety-ninth level, and then to the stone tablet, it means to ascend to heaven and entrust the gods!

The ninety-ninth step is the closest to the Conferred God List, and is also known as the Near God!

After the redefinition of the gods list, the whole world exploded.

Before the god list, the quasi god list was ranked, many people felt that it was not big, and even felt that there was no sense of substitution.

There is very little motivation!

But now it’s different.

Shenbang and quasi-shenbang are concretely expressed in the form of stone tablets and steps.

And it’s still located on the Conferred God Stage on the top of the world.

Once on the list, that is to overlook the whole world.

Especially the strong people on the top of the stone stele are equivalent to stepping on the entire world!

Even the ninety-nine steps are above all beings!


The name engraved on a stone tablet or ninety-nine steps will become a kind of supreme glory!

As long as it is mentioned, everyone will be enthusiastic!

Will frantically do whatever it takes to increase strength and hit the list!

Especially on the stone tablet, the part that enters the cloud has become the goal that everyone yearns for!

Try to think about it, your name is engraved on the highest point in the world!

What a glory it is to connect the heaven and the earth, the place flooded by clouds and mist!

It’s an inspiration to everyone!

It is also an encouragement to the ninety-nine steps of the quasi god list!

This means that the strong of the gods are stepping on their names and stepping on their faces to step on the Feng Chan platform!

The name engraved on the ninety-nine steps is an honor and a shame!

Who can allow his name to be trampled on?

Who can allow his name to be on the steps?

All you can do is punch!

Step by step up the ninety-nine steps, directly to the Conferred God Platform, directly to the Conferred God List, and stand at the highest point!

But then again, although it is a ladder, it is also the ladder of the highest peak in the world, and it is the highest place in the world!

This is glory! ! !

So after the new god list was defined, the whole world exploded.

Of course, it was mainly because Ye Zhantian and others suddenly appeared, so that the previous god list could not be predicted!

Therefore, the gods must be redefined. Levi Garrison was very interested. Was he on the steps or on the stele?


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