The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2537

“Where are you going?”

Levi Garrison asked curiously.

“Go to the top of the world to see the monument and the gods!”

“Now that the gods list is redefined, everyone wants to go to the top of the world to inspire themselves…”

Zoey Lopez looked forward to several people.


The new way of building the new god list on the top of the world really has a strong motivating effect on the powerhouses all over the world.

Everyone is crazy!

They all take their own name engraved on the stone tablet as the ultimate glory!

Even if it is carved on the ninety-nine steps!

Will be trampled on!

But that is also glory!

Symbolically speaking, that is a step close to the sky!

Everyone is going crazy and engraved on it.

“The boss believes in us. When you see a towering stone monument, you will be crazy! You will not attack at all costs! Go strong!”

said Kirin ( Qilin ) several people.

“Okay, then I’ll go and see with you…”

The main reason why Levi Garrison came here was to see what the dark web built.

Maybe you can find some clues on the dark web…

“Hey! I didn’t expect me to fall into the gods list! Ranked on the 97th step!”

Sword Evil God sighed.

Xiao Feng also looked unhappy, “I am also at level 97! Quasi-God Ranking! Who has suffered such humiliation?”

Kirin ( Qilin ) Tiger (Bai Hu) nodded, “and us…”

They were immersed in the huge gap. Haven’t come out yet.

Zoey Lopez is a bit stronger, at the 98th step, a little closer to the god list.

This is basically the best among them.

At this time Azure Dragon (Qinglong) said, “You should be self-sufficient! Are you still in the past? Now the quasi god list is also a kind of glory! Your name is engraved on the steps! That is the step to the sky!” “Yeah, let’s put it this way, the times have changed again! Strong people like Ye Zhantian are all forced to be on the list. It is normal for us to fall behind! Even if the world was originally not dominated by us! Just

before The list of gods makes us feel very powerful! In fact, it is not…” Azure Dragon (Qinglong) nodded in agreement, “You are satisfied! At least your names are engraved on the steps of ascending to the sky! It is still close to the ninety-nine level! Me! Now, not only has it fallen out of the god list, but also the quasi god list! Even the first step is

a position beyond my reach!” As

he said, he glanced at Levi Garrison subconsciously.

Since he abandoned his own practice and practiced Levi Garrison’s basic practice, his strength stayed in place.

I can only watch other people surpass myself one by one!

Only he knew this kind of grief.

Levi Garrison smiled, “Azure Dragon (Qinglong) only needs you to practice hard! Soon your name will be engraved on the stone tablet by them!”

Understood , boss.” Azure Dragon (Qinglong) laughed miserably.

He would not believe what Levi Garrison said.

How can this be! ! !

Soon after, the group came to the top of the world.

This peak may be difficult for ordinary people to climb before!

But for the current group of strong people, it is simply too simple.

Tens of thousands of people have gathered here, and the number is still increasing.

It will soon exceed one hundred thousand, and the mountains and plains will be full of people.

However, most of the people who came were those who hadn’t been on the quasi-sacred list, or were quasi-sacred list.

The reason they came here was to look at the stone stele on the Conferred God Platform, and inspire themselves to engrave their names on it.

As for the person whose real name was carved on the stone tablet, almost none came.

Tens of thousands of people stood under the steps of ascending to the sky, looking at the sacred Conferred God Platform solemnly and solemnly.

Where are the hopes and goals.

No one will step on the steps for fear of blasphemy.

But suddenly one person stepped up the steps.

Levi Garrison! “Levi Garrison, what are you doing?”


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