The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2538

Seeing Levi Garrison stepping on the steps, tens of thousands of people present yelled like crazy!

Everyone wants to stop, but there is no chance.

Levi Garrison has stepped on it!

Because this step of ascending to the sky, although it is to be trampled underfoot.

But that is also glory!

Those who can step on it unless they have the strength to cross over, such as those super powerhouses with names engraved on stone tablets.

Otherwise, how can other people dare to step on this level?

This step is sacred and solemn in everyone’s mind!

Especially the strong quasi gods whose names are engraved on the steps do not allow people weaker than them to step on their names!

This is absolutely not allowed!

Even if the strongest of the gods stepped up the steps, they would be dissatisfied and angry.

Not to mention people who are weaker than them!

Resolutely not!

This is a shame to them!

It’s trampling on them!

This group of strong men is going crazy.

But helplessly, Levi Garrison has already set foot on it.

The blink of an eye has crossed dozens of steps.


“Levi Garrison!!!”

everyone shouted loudly.

Levi Garrison was just as crazy.

As if ignoring the rules of this world.

Put all the world’s authority under your feet.


Totally madman!

“Stop him…”

Some quasi-god leaders wanted to stop them, but it was too late.

Levi Garrison’s steps were not slow, he easily crossed the ninety-nine steps to the position of the Conferred God Platform.

These quasi-shenzhen powerhouses immediately stopped, and Levi Garrison stepped onto the stage of conferring gods like crazy.

But they can’t!

That’s not where they can set foot.

Unless their name is engraved on the stone tablet, they are eligible to step in!

On the contrary, none of these quasi-god leaders dared to set foot.

They could only watch Levi Garrison board the Conferred God Platform alone.

“Levi Garrison, you are offending the majesty of this world! You are trampling on everyone, you are looking for death!”

everyone scolded.

But Levi Garrison ignored it.

He walked freely on the stage of conferring gods.

He was observing

this place … It is said that this place was built by the dark net, and the steps, the stone monument of the Conferred God Platform, were all made of special materials.

After all, the names engraved on the steles and steps are not static.

It needs to be updated all the time, and other names will be engraved.

Therefore, a special material is required, and the engraved name can be removed and then other names can be engraved.

Levi Garrison observed for a while and found that the material was indeed special.

A new material that hasn’t been seen before.

He turned around and took a look.

Standing on the Conferred God Platform, there really is a feeling of standing on the top of the world, with a panoramic view of the mountains and rivers.

Nearly one hundred thousand people under the steps are extremely small…

Everyone’s cursing voices continue… They

all say that he will never be qualified to step on this conferred god platform.

Levi Garrison was happy.

I’m not qualified?

The top three on this stele are me!

Am I eligible?

Next, Levi Garrison looked at the stele.

The names above have been scanned one by one.

There are many acquaintances.

But most of them are unfamiliar!

In the end, Levi Garrison jumped up a little bit directly on the stone tablet, just to see the names of each one…

Seeing Levi Garrison stepping on the stone tablet slowly leaping up, the people below were really furious.

Levi Garrison not only insulted the ranks of the quasi-sacred list, but also insulted the stele of the gods list!

To put it bluntly, Levi Garrison has already caused public outrage.

Disrespectful behavior!

The stele is very high, and the high part is submerged into the cloud.

Soon Levi Garrison’s figure was also submerged in it and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

Soon after, Levi Garrison came to the highest point of the stele.

He saw the first three names, Dark God…

Levi Garrisonle.


Levi Garrison jumped up and stood on top of the stone tablet.

There is a feeling of king over the world.

But when he looked down, the smile on his face was gone, replaced by panic. He saw…


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