The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2539

He saw his name engraved on the back!

Not the Dark God, nor the new Patriarch of the ancient Garrison clan.

It was the three words Levi Garrison…

His name was also engraved.

It is not carved on the front of the stele, but on the back of the stele.

On the back of such a big one, there are only three words for Levi Garrison!

This is what no one expected… The

biggest secret of the stele lies in the back!

However, the stele and even the steps are too sacred to the powerhouses all over the world!

The more powerful they are, the more they respect the stone monuments, and they dare not cross the thunder pond for half a step…

not to mention going to the back of the stone monument, even those with the front side of the stone monument do not dare to look at it…

that is for them. Holy and inviolable.

Going to the back of the stele, I can’t even think about it…

Unless there is someone like Levi Garrison who doesn’t abide by the rules, he will climb up unscrupulously and observe everywhere.

If he hadn’t stepped on the top, he wouldn’t have seen the side behind…

Besides, this stone tablet was standing on the corner of the mountain, and the back side could only be seen if you stepped on the top of the stone tablet.

You can’t go around.

After all, the stone stele was built on the edge, and that side was a cliff of ten thousand feet… and clouds and mist…

To see the back of the stone stele, you have to step on it like Levi Garrison.

To be able to see it!

But stepping on the stone stele means ignoring everything, ignoring the gods, and ignoring the world.

Can such a person find others in the world?

almost none!

Only Levi Garrison dared to do this…

It happened that he discovered this great secret…


Everything is known!

The meaning of his real name engraved on the back is to indicate that his strength is above the gods!

Beyond everything!

And this is created by the dark web.

That means that the dark web knows its true strength, and all its secrets are invisible.

After knowing this.

Levi Garrison laughed instead.

He came with Zoey Lopez for this reason.

Just to find relevant clues on the dark web to see if you really know your identity and strength.

It seems to be true now.

In this way, Levi Garrison was relieved a lot.

This shows that the dark web knows its strength and identity from the very beginning.

But it didn’t explode for so long.

This shows that the dark web has been focusing on information collection and news events all over the world.

It does not belong to that party, and it will not have anything to do with the Lab of Gods.

They are more in a neutral position.

It’s like a hundred Xiaosheng in the world.


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