The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2541

Levi Garrison stepped down the ninety-nine steps.

This is tantamount to an insult to all members of the quasi-sacred list…

“Has the boss been stimulated to do such an irrational thing?”

Someone said.

“It’s possible that after I came to this place, I was so irritated! I can’t wait to engrave my name on the stone tablet! You say that the boss is the former king, isn’t it even more crazy?”

Kirin ( Qilin ) said.

Xiao Feng nodded, “My desire to win and lose is strong enough. Coming here, I can’t wait to become stronger right away and tell everyone that you are all weak. The boss is a person with stronger desire to win and loss, so I must understand this move. Ah!”

“Well, the new God List is too stimulating. I didn’t think it before, but now engraving the name on it makes people tremble! Everyone wants to be on the list with a broken blood!”

Everyone Said one after another.

Everyone is not surprised by Levi Garrison’s special behavior.

After all, the stimulation was too great.

Everyone wants to step on the steps to the highest point.

It’s a pity that everyone wants to be a step again…

Most of the people present didn’t even have the chance to be a

step … The steps are the glory!

In everyone’s minds, Levi Garrison couldn’t even become a step.

But to trample on the stele.

Who can bear this?

Therefore, when Levi Garrison stepped on the last step.

Tens of thousands of people all rushed over to devour Levi Garrison alive.

I want Levi Garrison to give an explanation.

Otherwise, I will never let him go!

“What qualifications do you have to climb the steps? What qualifications do you have to step on the Conferred God Stage? What qualifications do you have to jump up to the stele?”

Everyone asked again and again.

Everyone in the world is working hard, relying on their true strength to climb the steps, and relying on hard work to step on the stage of conferring the gods.

Everyone is like this.

But it happened that some people cheated and cheated on the stage of conferring gods.

This is why everyone is angry!

It’s like an exam. Everyone is studying hard for the college entrance examination.

As a result, Levi Garrison cheated suddenly and entered the best university, still in front of everyone.

Can everyone not be angry?

“You must give an explanation!!!”

Everyone scolded.

Step by step, everyone came to Levi Garrison.

Zoey Lopez can’t stop these people…

at least you have to face tens of thousands of powerful…

“Levi Garrison, you just have to kneel under the first step and knock your head against the monument for ten times, and we will forgive you. ! ” “

Yes, you just make things blasphemy! now we must repent! kowtow apology! “


everyone snapped.

Let Levi Garrison make amends!


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  1. Levi needs to come out, so he can shut these people up. I am feed up with Levi being humiliated left and right, especially by those people who know him. His friends, family, and apprentices need to understand Levi, that he is not below but way above all of them put together.

    More please!!

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