The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2542

No one was satisfied with Levi Garrison’s behavior.

All of them are as crazy as they are.

I want Levi Garrison to apologize!

Only by kneeling down and confessing, can everyone’s hatred be relieved.

Levi Garrison smiled, “The reason why I climbed the steps and stepped on the stele was because I was above the top! A trivial god list is not enough to sum up my strength!”

“You fart!!!”

“Yes, you have it !” What qualifications are above all living beings?”

… As

soon as Levi Garrison said this, everyone went crazy.


Completely irritated!

Levi Garrison not only trampled on the sacred things in everyone’s hearts.

It is still ironic and insulting now.

Who is not angry?

“Forcibly let him kneel and kowtow!!!”

Everyone was about to do it.


Levi Garrison said.

“What else do you want to say?”

everyone asked.

“How can I step on the ninety-nine steps and step on the top of the stele?”

Levi Garrison asked.

“Well, it stands to reason that no one can!”

“But the dark god who is the number one in the gods can barely step on the stone tablet, after all, he is the number one!”

“Yes, if the dark god stepped on the stone tablet! Then everyone will not say a word!”

everyone said one after another .

“But what if I am stronger than the dark god? Am I above the gods?”

Levi Garrison sneered.

The Dark God is nothing more than his identity.

It’s just that Levi Garrison said this.

Everyone present laughed.

Uncontrollable crazy laughter.

The posture of laughing to death!

Is there anyone in this world better than the dark god?


Do not make jokes!

If the previous god list is the first, it is not necessarily the strongest in the world.

After all, there are many strong players who have not yet been summarized and included.

But this time, all the strong players on the list of gods, without exception, have been collected.

The deviation rate is less than one percent.

Therefore, the dark god is the strongest!

It can be called invincible in the world.

In the end, Levi Garrison said that he was stronger than the Dark God.

Who will believe it?

This is a big joke!

“Levi Garrison is nothing else, you say you are better than the Dark God!”

“But your name is not engraved on the stone tablet! The first name on the stone tablet is the Dark God!”

“Yes, we can’t see Levi Garrison’s name. Engraved on it!”

everyone said one after another.

“Of course my name is engraved on it! But it is engraved on the back!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Back? Hahahaha…”


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